What Parenting Advice Do You Ignore?

advice for new parents

photo by LexsiesMommy

Psst ... here's what you should do

You have a new baby and everyone is telling you what to do. Everyone. Your mother-in-law, your mother, the old guy next door, the mailman. Whose advice do you listen to? Whose do you ignore?


That's what Lylah Alphonse, a writer for the Boston Globe and blogger for Work It, Mom!, asked her readers, and she got some great responses. (It seems some mailmen really know what they're talking about!)

Here's what new parents said:

"My mailman gave me two pieces of advice that I obey: 1. Do what feels right. 2. Ignore all the other advice."

"I ignored everybody (except the pediatrician) and so far my children are fine."

"Worst advise from my pediatrician: 'You should be weaning your 13-month-old.' Yeah, right. I weaned myself from that doctor instead."

"Do your best to ignore your mother-in-law. Most likely, she'll know everything about babies and you can never compete—nod, smile, and take your baby back."

"My mother told me to give my daughter cereal at a week old to help her sleep through the night. Thankfully I had read enough to know that her digestive system couldn't handle that. It created some tension, but I held my ground knowing it was best for my child. Who expects a week old infant to sleep through the night anyway?"

"Stay off of the Internet, there is a lot of scary information out there from unreliable sources."

"The advice absolutely no one listens to but should, Don't buy everything! Take used stuff from others! I know you don't want your precious baby touching other people's yucky skeeze, but at least test that they like something before buying it."

What advice do you wish someone had given you? What advice did you get that you can do without?

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