The Best First Birthday Party Themes

photo by Swarley

I'm looking for a theme for my baby's first birthday. Luckily, she was born at the very end of the year so I can steal ideas from the other Baby Mamas in the 2007 Babies group (shhh). They're having some really fun, creative parties this year! Some of my favorites:


BrandiQuick had a construction theme for her son's party. The cake was shaped like a dump truck, there were hard hats for the birthday boy and guests, she decorated the driveway with traffic cones and caution tape, and served food and utensils in Tonka trucks. So creative!

3stinkyboys is thinking of having a Candyland party. Her son's birthday is coming up in December too. She wants to put candy in jars, cupcakes, and desserts all around, with squares on the floor like game pieces. She also came up with the idea of putting candycanes on the lawn and leading up to the door. She might even hand-deliver the invites on the back of giant lollipops. Love it!

There were pirate parties and princess parties and Elmo parties and all kinds of fun-themed parties. The moms also had great ideas for party activities, presents, and birthday traditions.

If you're stumped for ideas, a lot of the moms recommend the online party store, where they have lots of first birthday themes and supplies all ready to go.

I also found a great new group on CafeMom called 1st Birthday Party Planning Ideas. It's private and you have to join, but it has everything you need to plan a wonderful party for your little prince or princess.

I haven't decided on anything yet, so please send more ideas this way!

Speaking of parties, today is CafeMom's Daily Buzz launch party, so look for prizes and giveaways elsewhere on the site, and be sure to join your fellow revelers in this special party group.



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