Would You Adopt a Baby Off Facebook?

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photo by bishop96

Adopting a baby can be stressful, expensive, and it can sometimes take years. Of course, it's all worth it in the end when you're holding your son or daughter in your arms. There are all sorts of traditional ways to adopt—start out as a foster parent, hire an adoption attorney, go through a private adoption agency. And now, modern couples are turning to social networking like Facebook and MySpace to connect with a birth mother and find a child.


Going online is cheaper, faster, and reaches a wider audience than print advertisements and word of mouth, they say. Some couples even upload YouTube videos featuring their photos, home tours and interviews; others write blogs and create Web sites to give birth mothers a glimpse of their adoption journey.

In an interview with CNN, Jeff Siler, who owns ParentGallery, a free site where couples who want to adopt can post pictures and videos, said, "Today's teens and young adults looking for adoptive parents are more tech savvy than before. Even before [they] talk to an adoption agency, they may already be trying to Google for an answer online."

Many private adoption agencies are also encouraging their clients to create YouTube videos. Doing just that worked for Jeremy and Christy Nueman. The Nuemans wanted to adopt a baby after a five-year struggle with infertility so they created a short YouTube video. A pregnant college student watched it and picked them to become the adoptive parents of her baby boy out of the hundreds of profiles she viewed online and through adoption agencies. "It's so hard when you are just reading a letter to figure out what these people are like."

Of course, you've got to be careful when going online as there is the potential for scams—but there are also some very happy endings.

What do you think? Would you adopt a baby off the Internet? Would you choose an adoptive family off the Internet?

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