Celebrity Baby Gossip: The Bristol Palin Breakup, Anne Heche, the OctoMom, and More

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Will this be as big

as Jesse's Girl?

New mom Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston, the father of her 3-month-old son Tripp, broke up. Bristol told the press she is "devastated." — Momlogic
Tell me, did you see this coming or did you think this relationship would last? How do you think she'll do as a single mom with a baby?


Ann Heche and her beau James Tupper had a baby boy and named him Atlas. At least she didn't name him Alien (wasn't she abducted by some?). — Us Magazine
Let's hear it: What do you think of the name?

OctoMom and Angelina Jolie wannabe Nadya Suleman is getting a bigger house and free nurses! — People
Do you think she'll ever get Brad? If not, how do you think she'll do as a single mom of 14?

Rick Springfield (of General Hospital fame and singer of that oh-so-catchy tune Jesse's Girl) just released a new CD My Precious Little One. It's an album of lullabies. ParentDish
Does anyone care? Would you buy it? What are your favorite lullabies?

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