Baby Clothes: Cool Storage Tip

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photo from Babies R Us

My friend cafemama shared this really great baby clothing tip she came across on Parent Hacks. I think it's so smart and wanted to pass it along to you. Not only is it a great way to organize clothing, but it's also eco-friendly and super cheap!


First of all, if you're not buying your diapers in bulk, you should be. It's a great way to save money especially if you shop at a local store. The natural food store near me gives a 15 percent discount when you buy an entire box of diapers—four packs, which your baby will blow through in no time (no pun intended).

Now, what to do with the boxes? Recycle some them of course. But also reuse: Use them to store your baby's clothes by size.

Here's the tip:

"I wish I had thought of this back when I was sorting through old baby clothes. A friend from a baby class told me that she packs her daughter's newborn clothes in the empty newborn size diaper box. We get our diapers from Sam's Club and have large diaper boxes that would have been perfect for this! Now all her newborn clothes are in the newborn diaper box, 0-3 months in size 1, etc."

This is such a great idea and one I wish I had used when I packed to move. It makes it so much easier to sort through clothes.

How do you store your baby's clothes?

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