BPA-Free Baby Bottles Are Almost Here

bpa free baby bottles

Bye bye BPA!

We've talked a lot about  bisphenol-A (BPA) here at the Baby Buzz. BPA is an ingredient used in plastic products including baby bottles that scientists say is unsafe for babies (it's been linked to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, liver abnormalities, and other disorders). BPA has been declared toxic and banned in Canada, but here in the United States the FDA says there's no need to worry and that BPA is perfectly safe for infants (although it has finally decided to revisit that decision).

Despite the FDA's stance, the six largest manufacturers of baby bottles have taken it upon themselves to stop using BPA in bottles sold in the U.S.—though they will sell these bottles in other countries.


It is important to note, however, that baby bottles containing BPA have not been recalled nor have they been taken off store shelves so if you are concerned about this chemical, you should continue to look for the BPA-free label for the time being.

A few brands that are already completely BPA-free: BornFree and Green to Grow. Glass baby bottles are also BPA-free.

The six companies that have agreed to stop using BPA in baby bottles sold in the U.S.: Gerber, Avent, Evenflo, Disney First Years, Dr. Brown, Playtex.

Are you concerned about BPA in your baby's bottles? Do you use glass bottles?

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