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help for sleep deprived moms

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Is everyone sleeping but you?

Parents magazine surveyed 13,000 new mothers and found that 60 percent want more sleep; one-third get less than six hours of sleep a night; and the sleepiest group is moms of newborns. That sounds about right.

I haven't had a good night's sleep in more than a year now so I'm certainly not the person to ask for advice on getting some shut-eye. But I found ten helpful hints over at lilsugar that might work for some of you new moms. I wouldn't have done some of these things, like "send your baby to the nursery at the hospital so you can rest up before you're released." (I didn't want to let my baby out of my sight—or my arms!) But I probably should have tried a few of the others. Here they are:

Plan Ahead Take care of all your household tasks from cleaning the linen closet to organizing the nursery and freezing some homemade meals while you're still pregnant so you can focus on the baby once you bring him home.

Nap When Your Baby Does—even if you aren't tired.

Let Someone Else Feed the Baby If you're breastfeeding, pump and have some bottles prepared.

Eat Properly. Nutritious meals fuel your body so it doesn't get tired as easily.

Take a Shower. A quick rinse will wake you right up.

For more tips, see Helpful Hints for Sleep Deprived Mamas.

Sweet dreams!

Are you getting enough zzz's? How old is your baby? If you are sleeping, got any tips you'd like to share?



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mssemmy mssemmy

we're cutting teeth so no, there is NO sleep here!!!!! I am soooooo tired!  btw my lo in 7months

RanaA... RanaAurora

Eh, on the pumping tip?  Not so much, unless you plan on using bottles (have to return to work) and definitely not in the first 6 weeks.  You don't want to cause nipple confusion, or mess with your supply when you're just establishing a nursing relationship.

A better tip for new breastfeeding moms is to have your partner bring you the baby and put the baby back in bed if you can.

madam... madamekatekate

I think I'm more tired now then when my daughter was a newborn. Maybe it was because I was able to nap when she would, lol. But now she's 16 months and is on the strangest sleeping pattern. One that I haven't been able to break yet. The night before last I slept roughly 4 hours and she refused to nap. Last night I did get more sleep (about 6 hours) but when she woke up this morning she was ready to GO GO GO.

I like to ease myself into a state of awareness in the morning...You can bet that hasn't happened in a long time!

.Beth. .Beth.

Im lucky. my boyfriend takes care of our baby all night so i can sleep without being disturbed : )

Tanya... TanyaR1024

Co-sleep if you want sleep!!!

RanaA... RanaAurora

No kidding, Tanya!

MrsT4765 MrsT4765

My kids are grown, but I don't regret being there for them.  In this age of small families, the time when you are a zombie will eventually pass.  I nursed  them for a long time & feel that commitment was more important than my sleep. (& I was one of those who absolutely needed my 8 hours!) Funny thing, in my late 40s, I only needed 7 hours. I think improving my nutrition made me healthier & not needing so much sleep, unfortunately too late.... 
The bad thing about small families is that we don't have extended family to help. Even an hour a day of an aunt or trusted neighbor to help would be enough to stabilize things. But time passes & you have nice adult kids as friends as a result!!!!

lovec... lovechilde

I did the co-sleep with my first born. Although I was able to get more sleep (kind of), he had really poor sleeping habits until he was almost 3. I attribute that to co-sleeping and nursing in the bed. I tried a different approach with baby #2. She was not allowed to sleep in the bed under any circumstances. As a result, she has been a very scheduled and good sleeper. It was almost too easy. I would sit in a chair and nurse her versus laying in the bed. She would go right back to sleep without a fuss. Now that she's almost 4, it's easier to get her to go to bed than my 6 year old son. Go figure.

Baby #3 is one month old and I seem to be sleepier than ever. I'm going with the no sleeping in the bed again. The results remain to be seen because he's only a month old. But I sure do miss my sleep. I need at least 4 hours but I can't get more than two or three max. I am such a better parent when I have my wits about me and right now my wits are whacky. :-)

Don't think there is any secret to getting sleep with a newborn. I believe that just comes with the territory.

Sweet... Sweetmami07

No Reason why were not getting enough sleep but mine are 2 and 9 months!

amyt89 amyt89

I do try to nap when my 3 mont old naps, but it doesn't always work. Plus, I like to have some time to myself to get online or watch tv or something when he naps.

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