Sleep Deprived? Here's Help

help for sleep deprived moms

photo by joleensboys

Is everyone sleeping but you?

Parents magazine surveyed 13,000 new mothers and found that 60 percent want more sleep; one-third get less than six hours of sleep a night; and the sleepiest group is moms of newborns. That sounds about right.


I haven't had a good night's sleep in more than a year now so I'm certainly not the person to ask for advice on getting some shut-eye. But I found ten helpful hints over at lilsugar that might work for some of you new moms. I wouldn't have done some of these things, like "send your baby to the nursery at the hospital so you can rest up before you're released." (I didn't want to let my baby out of my sight—or my arms!) But I probably should have tried a few of the others. Here they are:

Plan Ahead Take care of all your household tasks from cleaning the linen closet to organizing the nursery and freezing some homemade meals while you're still pregnant so you can focus on the baby once you bring him home.

Nap When Your Baby Does—even if you aren't tired.

Let Someone Else Feed the Baby If you're breastfeeding, pump and have some bottles prepared.

Eat Properly. Nutritious meals fuel your body so it doesn't get tired as easily.

Take a Shower. A quick rinse will wake you right up.

For more tips, see Helpful Hints for Sleep Deprived Mamas.

Sweet dreams!

Are you getting enough zzz's? How old is your baby? If you are sleeping, got any tips you'd like to share?

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