Who Says Babies Need Toys?

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Now, that's a great toy!

I've bought my baby a toy or two, but I could have saved the cash and spent it on something else. The things my daughter enjoys playing with the most are my car keys, my glasses, my cell phone, various pots and pans, and measuring spoons. The same is true for a lot of other moms in the Cafemom Newcomers Club—so if you can't afford to buy your little one any toys right now, there's no reason to stress. Here are ideas for some stuff you might already have around the house that will keep your baby endlessly entertained.


"My six-month-old is surrounded by toys and she'd rather play with her bag of diaper wipes." — Darkangelpunk

"Bubble wrap and cardboard boxes." — justgrape723

"At eight-and-a-half months, my daughter was most content with a box of tampons. She'd pour them out and stick them back into the box and pour them out again." — mom22tumblebugs

"Mine loves to play with the remote, with my sunglasses case, my phone, even chew on the edge of our pillows!" — mosynvega5145

"Garbage—he will want anything we are throwing away! We get coffee in the mornings, and he wants to play with the coffee cups for a while before we have to toss them." —aidensmom1117

What household item does your baby love to play with?

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