Switched at Birth: Who Gets the Baby?

babies switched at birthI just read on ParentDish about two babies who were switched at birth. One was a blond boy who grew up in a dark-haired Lebanese family; the other was the only brunette in his fair Scottish family. The families always suspected there was a mix up, and last week, the two "babies"—now 57 year-old-men—had a DNA test and discovered they had indeed been placed in the wrong bassinets at the hospital. A big family reunion is being planned for both families.


Those men are obviously grown, but what happens if the parents realize the mix-up when the babies are a lot younger? Last year, two Czechoslovakian women left the hospital with each other's baby and agreed to swap the babies back when they were 10 months old. But both women had a hard time being separated from the baby they brought home so they switched back. "I have loved my daughter for almost a year now," said one of the moms. "This time cannot be erased from my heart. But I will learn to love my other, biological daughter too." The couples were thinking about raising the girls together, as one family.

What would you do if you found out you brought home a baby other than the one you had given birth to? Would it matter how much time had gone by? One week? One month? One year? Five years?

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