Links I Love: Moms Addicted to the Internet, Let Your Baby Watch TV Already, and More

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photo by yeager_79

What you need to know about having sex during your period. Healthy Living Buzz

Does it really matter which way your baby faces in the stroller? I don't think so. — Slate

Are you more of a scared-y cat now that you're a mom? — Work It, Mom!

You can still get lessons for your little one, when you don't have a lot of cash. — Toddler Buzz

A great new way to clean your house without all those chemicals that could hurt your baby. — Home & Garden Buzz

If you're too tired or busy to read to your baby before bed, you're not alone. —ParentDish

Just let your baby watch TV already. — Motherlode

Three reasons moms are addicted to the Internet. Think one of them is CafeMom? — Baby Blog Addict


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