The Belly Bandit: Love it or Leave it?

lose post-baby weight fast

photo from the Belly Bandit

Of course celebrities and supermodels lose weight fast after having babies—they have the money to hire nutritionists and personal trainers. Heck, they can even buy their own gyms. Plus, most of them are used to starving themselves to be skinny. But what are we mere mortals to do if we want to lose those post-pregnancy pounds? One option: the Belly Bandit.


For $39.95, this abdominal compression binder can help "get your body back to its former fabulousness post childbirth." The Belly Bandit "helps reduce uncomfortable uterine swelling, aids in decreasing bloating, and gives additional support for weary legs and back." It comes in different sizes and colors and there's even an option for green-minded moms (it's made of bamboo).

According to the site, belly binding has been used for centuries. "Japanese mothers use  'Sarashi' to speed up weight loss and toning of the abdominal muscles and skin after childbirth, while Hispanic moms believe their 'faja' to bring all the muscles used in the birthing process back together again.

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Would you try this tummy toner? How did you get your pre-baby abs back?

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