When Did You Name Your Baby?

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b is for baby

"What are you going to name it?" I never ask that question of pregnant women (even if I'm dying to know) because baby names are very personal to some women (and by some women, I mean me). I've discovered that for some reason, everyone (and by everyone, I mean friends, family, waitresses, taxi drivers, midwives, the mailman) thinks they're entitled to give you their two cents. If you're asking for opinions, that's great. If not, you might not want to hear how much your closest friend dislikes the name you spent months agonizing over—and have no intention of changing.

If you don't announce the baby's name until after it has made its debut, it's a done deal. I've found people are far less likely to criticize or even comment on it. That works for me because I really don't need to know who likes my baby's name—and who doesn't. I've been known to hold a grudge.


Mr. Cafe Suzanne and I had a list of names, but we were pretty certain what our baby's name would be. We knew we were having a girl, and we wanted to meet her to be sure. For months, when people asked, we simply smiled and said we didn't know. Even after the baby was born, and the delivery room nurse asked for her name, we said we hadn't decided. So all of our daughter's hospital paperwork said "Baby Cafe Suzanne," though the nurses nicknamed her HRH (Her Royal Highness).

Later, when we called our parents and siblings with the good news, and they asked us what her name was, we said we didn't know. For some reason, which I'm still not sure of, we did not officially name our baby until three days after she was born (okay, so maybe it's that we're both commitment-phobes). We gave Baby Cafe Suzanne the very name we had always intended on giving her. It was the name she was meant to have.

When did you name your baby? When did you announce it to people? What were the best and worst reactions you got?

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