"My Baby Sleeps on His Tummy—So What?"


put baby to sleep on back or belly

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The AAP recommends that babies

sleep on their backs

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that babies be put to sleep on their backs because research shows it helps reduce the risk of SIDS. And ever since pediatricians have told moms to put babies on their backs SIDS deaths have indeed declined. The AAP also says that side sleeping is not the same as back sleeping and it's not advised. However, babies do need to spend time on their bellies so their muscles develop properly, but tummy time should take place only when the baby is awake and someone is watching them.

Okay, so we all know that's what we're supposed to do. But what do you really do?

Natalie Morales, the co-anchor of the Today show, recently confessed that she put her newborn to sleep on his stomach. She writes: "I let my newborn sleep on his stomach. I know, I know, being a journalist, I've read all the research that says to put babies on their back to sleep. But Luke was very colicky, and it turned out he had GERD, so his digestive system was really immature. Whenever he slept on his back, he'd grunt like he was in pain ... since he seemed much happier on his tummy, that's how I let him sleep. And guess what? We can both sleep better at night because of it. Is that such a bad thing?"

I put my baby to sleep on her back, but as soon as she could roll over by herself, she'd get onto her tummy as fast as she could. I think she was more comfortable sleeping that way. I sleep on my stomach too. (The AAP says that belly sleeping is okay once a baby has mastered rolling over.)

What do you think of Natalie Morales's confession? Do you let your baby sleep on his tummy? Or do you follow the AAP's recommendations?

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Charl... Charlies_mommy

My Dd sleeps on her back. She'd rather sleep on her tummy, but I won't let her. Wouldn't let my son either.

darkd... darkdragon85207

my son slept on his stomach pretty much from the day he was brought home form the hospital and never once had an issue with it unless we tried to put him on his back. if t was fine for me and my brother then why should it be different for my kids. as long as you are smart about how you do things why over worry? he is now 15 months old and perfectly fine and still sleeps on his stomach only. besides as some one said in another comment the decrease in SIDS deths wasn't only from babies sleeping on their backs. in fact a few things that weren't listed were the fact that they now know it runs in families and are developing things to help prevent it.

ZiemMya2 ZiemMya2

My son and daughter sleep on there belly, its more relaxing to me and them.

mamak... mamaklaire5

my baby boy is only four mths old and settles better on his tummy than any other way we,ve put him on his side but he sleeps better on his tum as long as he is comfortable i feel its okay saying that tho i do check on him alot just to be safe

fendi... fendimommy

My little Asa slept on his Tummy from the day we brought him home.  He just wouldn't have it any other way.  Out of 3 babies I had 1 Tummy, 1 Back, and 1 Side Sleeper they all slept through the night from 3 weeks on and never had any problems.  I have to say that I just don't think that it matters either way.

crazd... crazdlilangel19

my son sleeps on his stomach all the time. he did it from the day he came home till now. he's rolling all over the place now so it doesn't matter anymore but he curls his legs up under his belly and goes right to sleep. its so cute.

npetite npetite


aleas... aleasaandjimmy

I don't think it is a wise decison for a woman on the today show to openly tell people that she lets her baby sleep on the tummy.  Women could hear this advice and not understand her specific reasons for it...I am sure there are reasons like GERD, or colic that this could be sugested, but I would ask your babies doctor FIRST.

Julie... Juliesummer

My baby slept on her belly pretty much from the start. She was way more comfortable on her belly. I don't believe in the doctors too much. Seems like they make their statistics as they need them. I believe  that babies have their instincts.

kledge kledge

My daughter has always slept on her tummy. She would scream and scream if I tried to put her to sleep on her back. I am a tummy sleeper too. I asked my pediatrician about it and he did not seem concerned because he said we did not have any of the other risk factors for SIDS. No one in our home smokes. I am very careful not to put anything in the crib with her that would block her airway. I also always run a fan in her room. Recent finding that say running a fan in your child's room helps to circulate the air preventing the reinhalation of carbon dioxide and reducing the chance of SIDS by 72%.

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