Babies Save Young Mom with Breast Cancer

photo by LUCKEEMEE2X06

Have you heard the news story about Lauren Dixon? In February 2005, she was a young, new mom, who was having problems breastfeeding. Her baby girl would nurse only from one breast—the left one. Her midwife told her that sometimes a baby prefers one side over the other so Lauren didn't think much about it. Then Lauren had another baby, a boy.


He, too, refused to nurse from Lauren's right breast. Lauren, who is 25, felt a lump there and thought it was probably a blocked milk duct. Her doctor agreed. But a week later the lump was still there so she went to another doctor. Lauren had breast cancer. She had a mastectomy and will be undergoing chemotherapy treatments through mid-December. She said, "My babies obviously thought the milk tasted or smelled strange because of the breast cancer. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be here now."

Spycedrop1978, who is just 30 years old, shares her ordeal with breast cancer at the Moms with Breast Cancer (Past and Present) Support group. She was 7 months pregnant with her second child when she felt a lump. An ultrasound said everything was fine. After she had the baby, the knot was still there. She had cancer. She writes, "My [5-year-old] daughter was my rock and very brave through it all. I am so proud of her ... I have been cancer-free for one year and seven months. My son who is going to be two in December is perfect and my daughter is now seven."

There are many others in the CafeMom community who are dealing with this crappy disease like landmesh, the mother of a 7-year-old boy; cardinial, the mother of three kids; momgoingloco, a 29-year-old mom of two ... the list could go on. Please take a moment to show these women and others on CafeMom your support or share your own story. Sadly, there isn't a member here whose life breast cancer won't touch—whether it's a family member, a friend, a co-worker ... or you.

Breast cancer has certainly turned my life upside-down at times. My mother, my step-mother, my mother-in-law, and my godmother are all survivors. I've pretty much accepted that it's not a matter of "if," but "when" I'll get it myself. For anyone else who's been affected, there are several groups (public and private) on CafeMom where you can go for support: Breast Cancer Survivors, The Pink Flamingos-Breast Cancer Awareness Group, New Moms With Moms Fighting Breast Cancer, and more.

If you want more information on breast cancer and breast health, my friend, Cafe Kristen, CafeMom's Healthy Living Buzz blogger, will be blogging about boobs every Monday during the month of October. She'll tell us all the important things we need to know to take care of ours. This week she blogged about mammograms. Check it out.

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