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I love these great money-saving

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Babies may be small, but they can take up a big chunk of your monthly budget. I'm always looking for ways to save (or not spend at all!), and so are a lot of you.

mom12005 wrote in the CafeMom Newcomers Club, "I'm sure this economy is killing us all in the pocketbooks so I suggest that today we can share some tips on saving money."

And someone in Answers asked, "What did you do to save money with your baby?"

Both of them got some great suggestions. Here's a round-up.

"Read the book 1000 Best Baby Bargains by Kimberly Danger." —bethelann2004

"Cloth diapering has saved me so much money. I spent between $700 and $800 on disposable diapers and wipes in the first 7 months of my daughter's life. Then, I spent $250 on cloth diapers and made my own wipes." —epoh

"I made my own baby food. Peel an apple or carrot or peas, etc. and puree in the food processor. You can store the food in old jars if needed for travel. When they got older, I chopped or pureed the same thing we were eating for dinner. I saved a lot of money and homemade food tastes better." —FlyMom07

"Breastfeeding—and delaying solid foods has the benefit of costing less." —RanaAurora

"Buy clothes at the end of the season (on clearance). I just bought my daughter winter clothes for next year in one size bigger." —Mamaz

"Sharing the cost of a nanny with a neighbor or friend is a good way to save money if you can both get on the same schedule." —mamakat21

"Shop online. I have found many things much cheaper than they are at local stores. Instead of getting in your car (and burning gas) to see how much something costs at a store, call them on the phone to get the price. Then check around online to see if you can find the same item for that price or less. If you do, look for coupon codes online. Many sites have free shipping codes, and even discount codes, so in the end you still come out paying less." —tippymorgan08

"Change your mind-set. What is best for your child is not always the most expensive. You'll be surprised at all the "things" you really don't need to raise a healthy, happy baby. The most important thing your child needs after the basics—food, clothing and shelter—is time with you. Play with your baby, talk with them, hold them and love them. It costs you nothing and reaps eternal benefits." —MamaDeetoo

How do you save money on baby stuff?

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RanaA... RanaAurora

Hey look!  You quoted me!  :)
Most suggestions I'd have are already up there.

Oh... and use cloth bags!  At most stores, you get a discount per cloth bag you use.  It may not seem like a lot, but twenty cents here, forty cents there, could easily save you at least a few bucks a month.

Um... make your own cleaners.  Don't buy the crap the stores sell.  It's bad for you AND insanely overpriced.

Saman... SamanthaAgain

I TOTALLY second cloth diapering!  I got my whole stash for *maybe* $150 with the help of some very generous mama's and FFS (free for shipping) boards.  I am a cloth addict and I really REALLY do love them!

degsyuna degsyuna

Shop thrift stores!  Even if you only buy the brand new baby stuff that you can find there, you'll save tons.  It's amazing how much is on those shelves with the tags still on them.  I'm willing to buy anything cute that is in good shape.

Iluvm... Iluvmyboyz09

I guess things are a lot cheaper if you "pretend" to have a child to get people to like you here on Cafemom when your entire life is truly a lie!

ilove... ilovemyson2002

i buy baby food and buy wipes and been saveing on diaper since my son been 4 or 5 months old becasue my oldest son was getting pull up in the mail so now my son dont use them any more and fully potty train we use them on my baby 

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