What's Your Baby's Favorite Song?

photo by KCHopkins

My baby loves to dance. We play her all kinds of music—everything from Johnny Cash to Pete Seeger to Kanye West to the Killers to Beethoven. She starts smiling and jumping and shaking her head. So we take a music class once a week and I make sure she gets "music time" every day.


Now a new study from Brigham Young University shows that 5-month-olds can pick a happy song out of a lineup of sad songs and that by 9 months, babies can do the opposite (pick out a happy song from a bunch of sad ones). So what does this tell us about our little ones? The researchers say it means that your baby can already understand emotion and make sense of the world long before they can speak, which is pretty cool considering that they haven't been on the planet for very long.

What kind of music are you playing for your baby?

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