Giving Away My Baby's Clothes is Hard To Do


keeping baby clothes as souvenirs

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I have a niece who is six months younger than my baby girl. "Perfect," I thought. "I can send her all my daughter's old clothes." Yet every time I go through my baby's clothing to pack things up and send them off, I find myself sorting through saying, "Well, maybe I'll just keep this. And this. And this."

These clothes do not fit my daughter nor are they particularly interesting to anyone (other than me). I'm not talking about her Christening gown or the little hat she wore in the hospital. I'm talking about onesies and footie pajamas—clothes that will sit in storage going to no good use. I know keeping them is not very eco- or economically friendly, but I have the hardest time letting them go. I guess it's so hard to see her growing up so fast.

Do you save your baby's clothes? Do you have a hard time giving them away?



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nessa202 nessa202

My son is 5 1/2 months now... And a good friend of mine is having a boy...I put so much clothes in a bag for her... Then On the day I was going to bring it to her I said let me go through it real quick.... By the time I was done my "oh i should keep this" bag was bigger than the i'm giving away bag.... I have a hard time aswell... But I also think to myself... What if i have another child...... It would be cheaper to save everything.... Just like his bassenet.... I didn't even think twice about giving it away...... But everything (bassenet/ crib bedding/ stroller/ pack n play) is green...... so it would work for a girl too....!!

nikki... nikkit311

hehe, I do that same exact thing only with all 3 kids, just slowly as she gets older and older go through them again and get rid of more as you are ready for it. give what you can for your niece and other things you can donate or give to another relative later since people are ALWAYS having babies. eventually as she grows up you will have to clean house more and more then end up down to the most important things you want to save, I just got to that point with my first son and he is 5 lol, realized everything wasn't that important when I wouldn't use it for my smallest son. hope that helps.

nily nily

I have a BIG bag that comes with a bed comforter... well the thing is that we are using the comforter and I use the bag to storage all my son's baby clothes that no longer fits him. The bag is BIG and is full of his clothes and he only is 5 months old When he turns 1 year old I plan on saving the best and the more expensive pieces of clothes for our next baby (someday..I hope soon) and the other pieces I plan on giving them to an orphanage that is near my home. I heard they are full of babies and in need of baby clothes.I dont get sad of giving away my son's baby clothes because is for a good cause and by the way is always a good reason to go shooping. I LOVE TO BUY CLOTHES FOR MY BABY!

nonmember avatar Baby Clothing

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erinr... erinrabon

I am sentimental so I always have a hard time getting rid of anything from my kids.  Two years ago when we moved from FL to IL I found myself with a storage unit packed full of baby stuff from my then 5-year-old son.  I would have had to pay alot to move stuff that hadn't been used in years and maybe never would be (even though I told myself I might someday have another baby).  So, I thought for a moment about what kinds of things I would as an adult like to have from my childhood.  So, I like about 5 meaningful outfits and a few sentimental toys and donated the rest.  It usually only hurts for a minute.  The truth is those clothes could make you money from a consignment store or save one of your loved ones valuable money they don't have right now.  And, isn't that a better use of that clothing than leaving them packed up in boxes to get musty?  You have the real source for sentimentality--your child.  If you feel like getting nostalgic just check out some pics, they take up less room :)

ilove... ilovemyson2002

i kept my oldest boys clothes when he was a baby incase i had a nother baby i had a nother baby but some of them got messed up

nonmember avatar baby clothes

I keep my children baby clothes and giving them away to who need them.

zacka... zackaroosmom

I haven't gave any of mine away. I gave away a car seat and a bassinet and not long after I was pregnant again. Mainly I keep them now because of future children. My youngest son died recently so I doubt I'll ever give his away. I'm thinking about making one of those quilts out of the baby clothes.

doubl... doublesweetness

I keep my favorites, but other than that I sell them or give them away.

nonmember avatar nhedz

we're on the same husband always say " let's give it to that and to that"... but i always decline... giving away my baby's clothes is a big NO NO for me...especially those clothes that i personally bought for my precious one can take those away from are my favorites! hahahah!

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