Giving Away My Baby's Clothes is Hard To Do


keeping baby clothes as souvenirs

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I have a niece who is six months younger than my baby girl. "Perfect," I thought. "I can send her all my daughter's old clothes." Yet every time I go through my baby's clothing to pack things up and send them off, I find myself sorting through saying, "Well, maybe I'll just keep this. And this. And this."

These clothes do not fit my daughter nor are they particularly interesting to anyone (other than me). I'm not talking about her Christening gown or the little hat she wore in the hospital. I'm talking about onesies and footie pajamas—clothes that will sit in storage going to no good use. I know keeping them is not very eco- or economically friendly, but I have the hardest time letting them go. I guess it's so hard to see her growing up so fast.

Do you save your baby's clothes? Do you have a hard time giving them away?



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Spiri... SpiritedTigress

I tried giving them away. I have a onesie put away that says "Little Miss Firecracker" nothing special except that she was born on the 4th of July <3

But i never got around to taking the clothes to charity. Which is a GOOD thing because i am pregnant again ^___^

jcsmummy jcsmummy

i haven't had a problem giving away most of my son's clothes, but my daughter is a different story. everytime i go through them with the intention of giving away, i think about all the time she spent in the NICU, and al lthe times we nearly lost her. she's 4 now and i still can't bring myself to do it.

beaut... beautyqueen616

I have given away some stuff but not much.  I do want more kids and we are planning one next year and hopefully adopting a slightly older child this year so I might as well keep them.

Freela Freela

We have three kids and don't plan to have any more and I have been giving a lot of items away as my youngest outgrows them.  And yes, I am sad to see them go.  I'm not attached to the clothes themselves, but even though I feel happy with the family we have it is confirmation that the baby stage is over, and that does make me sad.  Especially since I have several friends who are having big families... I can't help but feel a little envious at times and seeing the clothing go reinforces that.

Steph... Steph43701

i have a son who's 2 and a daughter who's 10months. i have so much clothes in storage it's not funny. from the time they were born til now and i won't get rid of it. i can't one. i cry when i go thro it and two i plan on a few more kids down teh road. so i might as well keep it. swings, jumpers, salsers, and bottles. i even have the pacifiers that the hospital gives them that i don't like and broke them of it right away. both of the kids have everything still. i won't get rid of it either. my SO gets upset with me cuz i have it all like i told him it's memories.and u never know i might need it all one day. :)

nikki... nikkimichele

i dont plan on having any more right now...not for AT LEAST 3 years...but i have special outfits from both of the girls that i like and the others i have boxed up and given to my friend who just had a baby girl. it's my way of "paying it forward" since another friend gave me a lot of clothes for Tatym. I havent given away any of Tatym's clothes because i will need them for Rae.

funny... funnyface1204

Like many of you, I have "special" things from all 3 of my bio kids.  It was really hard to get rid of stuff.  After my first (who I thought for 8 years would be my only), I donated her clothes to a Crisis Pregnancy Center.  I spent a few hours talking with the manager of the center & she showed me the boxes they make up for the Moms & talked about how much she could use my daughter's things.  It helped so much.  With my 2nd baby (a boy), I kept his stuff & used what I could for baby #3 (a girl).  After that, I donated everything.  Some stuff went to a family member, other stuff to a friend.  I discovered it was a lot easier to get rid of if I knew the family could really use the stuff.  I gave my double stroller to a friend who was expecting her 2nd baby in 2 years & she cried when she got it, she was so happy.  That, for me anyway, made it a lot easier to pass on.  Oh, & take lots of pictures! 

alley... alleykatt28

Oh my gosh! You should see all the stuff that I just cant seem to get rid of!

I save clothes that were my favorite, or clothes that remind me of certian people who gave them to my children or certian times they wore them. I have boxes and boxes in my storage.

I figure, what does it hurt... one day my children will be older and they will see all the stuff and will like to see what they wore and how tiny they use to be... then someday, when they have babies of there own, they can use the clothing, if they would like.

I dont see any hurt in saving the clothes that make you smile because there is just something special about those shoes or that bib, lol.

The memory is a wonderful thing, and if it takes a little shirt to spark up a memory 10yrs down the road... who is it hurting?

You keep everything that your heart just doesnt want to let go of!

Kylie819 Kylie819

I have tried and I can't do it!!!!  I have dozens of boxes of almost everything my daughter has worn (she is 7!) and I can't bear to get rid of them.  I try to justify it by saying I want more kids and if I have a girl she can wear them! 

sstepph sstepph

My son is 6 months and it seems like I am packing up clothes every month because he is growing that fast! And everytime I do that I end up crying because of how big he is getting and how I wish he was that small again. I want another baby 3  years down the road, so I dont think I will give away my clothes..yet. Unless one of my close friends has a boy , if she needs them then I'll give them away. I did pull out the outfit I brought him home in and the shirt he wore for his pic at the hospital. I think its so hard though to pack up the clothes :(

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