Giving Away My Baby's Clothes is Hard To Do


keeping baby clothes as souvenirs

photo from Carter's

I have a niece who is six months younger than my baby girl. "Perfect," I thought. "I can send her all my daughter's old clothes." Yet every time I go through my baby's clothing to pack things up and send them off, I find myself sorting through saying, "Well, maybe I'll just keep this. And this. And this."

These clothes do not fit my daughter nor are they particularly interesting to anyone (other than me). I'm not talking about her Christening gown or the little hat she wore in the hospital. I'm talking about onesies and footie pajamas—clothes that will sit in storage going to no good use. I know keeping them is not very eco- or economically friendly, but I have the hardest time letting them go. I guess it's so hard to see her growing up so fast.

Do you save your baby's clothes? Do you have a hard time giving them away?



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mom2t... mom2twobabes

Just a suggestion.

Keep the really special things.  Others that are sweet and cute and hate to get rid of, save and have a special quilt for your baby made out of them.  This is a heirloom that can be handed down. Costs a lot but lasts forever!

AShle... AShleyvpimpin

I had a problem with that....I kpet my favorite outfits..and gave the rest away...we didn't plan on anymore kids but I'm preggo again with my 2nd baby and its another boy

AntzM... AntzMumi430

I cant get ird of my sons things either, howveer I did send some of the things I got from the baby shower and such that I hated and was not attacked to, to the Womens Help Center...they needed it so bad too, so maybe slowly I will manage to get rid od at least one box but I do plan on having more kids so idk!

tyheamma tyheamma

I have a hard enough time packing up things that don't fit her anymore, let alone actually giving them away. Luckily for me (for now), we plan on having more someday and are keeping all our baby things until then.

redro... redrose2681

you sound just like me. I thought I was the only one. I just can't give it away

Erica... Erica_Smerica

I used to have a hard time giving them away- but I try to remember that there are other people out there that need those clothes. Sure I'd like to keep them for sentimental reasons, but it's just one of those things that I'm sure I'll box up and forget about and it won't mean that much in a few years. Think of others and give them away.

qtmomof2 qtmomof2

My daughter is 9 yrs old now and I have a few of her baby items. Her first Christmas and Easter dresses and a few of my favorite sleepers. Ohh and a pair of her newborn socks.

Everything else I had no problems donating to people in need. I know times are tough and people are trying to sell everything but if you can manage ..I say donate!

Kaytl... Kaytlynsmommy

I kept a lot of my daughters clothes, not because we're having another girl, but because I just couldn't bring myself to give away the memories. So we have a 40 gallon tote that we put her old stuff in that we simply CAN"T part with. I don't think it's's holding on to the baby moments that are forever gone and only still alive within our memories.

Lippy... LippyMcTiccy

My girl is wearing cloths that I wore when I was a baby. We have passed them around our family a few times but they look really good still. I think we just wore them occasionally or for special times. It's kind of fun to see pics of her and myself in the same outfit.

lucho... luchousdiva

I do find myself having a hard time giving them away I keep saying oh let me save  this they might want to keep it for there children.  But then I have to force myself to give it away because there is no need to keep packing it and moving it with us. 

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