Giving Away My Baby's Clothes is Hard To Do


keeping baby clothes as souvenirs

photo from Carter's

I have a niece who is six months younger than my baby girl. "Perfect," I thought. "I can send her all my daughter's old clothes." Yet every time I go through my baby's clothing to pack things up and send them off, I find myself sorting through saying, "Well, maybe I'll just keep this. And this. And this."

These clothes do not fit my daughter nor are they particularly interesting to anyone (other than me). I'm not talking about her Christening gown or the little hat she wore in the hospital. I'm talking about onesies and footie pajamas—clothes that will sit in storage going to no good use. I know keeping them is not very eco- or economically friendly, but I have the hardest time letting them go. I guess it's so hard to see her growing up so fast.

Do you save your baby's clothes? Do you have a hard time giving them away?



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simpl... simplyjaneen

I kept one dress. Everything else I gave away but I don't have a hard time giving away clothes for some reason when I know they are probably not going to be worn again. I didn't even keep my wedding dress. I gave it to my older sister to wear for SCA.

Jesse... JessecaLynn

I have some troubles with some outfits,but I much rather sell some of them at a yard sale and have more money to spend on my kiddos.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Yes, I found it hard.  You have so many memories attached to certain outfits, ("He first crawled while wearing this!") and they look so small, so quickly.

I gave mine away to a "friend"... who picked them up, never said thank you, and when I called her and asked if she'd gone through them, she said, "Yeah, and I kept most of them."  I was incredibly hurt and STILL have not forgiven her for that.

df813 df813

My babies are all in the double digits now and I did have a hard time with parting with their things. What I did was find them all good homes to needy families and kept 2 outfits for each of them along with a pair of their first shoes and a baby blanket. The shoes are special because I hang them on our Christmas tree along with my own baby shoes, my moms baby shoes and my grand mothers. It's a nice family tradition. I have the names and dates written on the bottoms so it's kind of cool. My grandmother's baby shoes are so old fashion and date back to 1910! So next Christmas (2010) I'll have a 100 year old Christmas ornament baby shoe on our tree. Pretty cool I think! There's nothing wrong sentiment;)

coutt... coutterhill

I give them away or throw them away. I only keep outfits from special family members and that was only two outfits. I'm not sentimental when it comes to clothes.

Zoesm... Zoesmommy430

It KILLS me to get rid of my daughters clothes. I had to sell them in a yard sale because I really need the money right now, and all I got for most of them was $0.25. I wanted to cry. I have to buy her all her clothes, then I give them to my friend when she outgrows them, then when her daughter outgrows them, we sell them. It's the hardest thing to do and I am heartbroken everytime I think about it. I don't have anyone to just give me clothes, and I like to think I dress her really cute. It's so hard to part with them.

Joanna_M Joanna_M

We have a collection of clothes that we're planning to keep. Nothing special, just a few onesies that we always loved him in and such. Nothing wrong with it as long as it doesn't start taking up a ton of space to store.

isra1986 isra1986

She is a year now and I have been unable to get rid of anything! I tried when she was 5 months to sel all of her newborn clothing in a yardsale, but I didnt sell a single thing, so I took it as a sign, lol. I want to try to sell them, my apartment is too tiny, I have my 3 season room crammed full of Anisa clothing and infant toys!!!! Plus I keep thinking "What if I have another girl?"

DeTor... DeTora_Family

I only saved my favorites.  I have some great photos and kept the outfits he was wearing in those.  The rest had no sentimental value and I donated them.  I did not reuse any clothes from my oldest for two reasons.  First, the boys were 18 years apart, and they were born in opposite seasons (early August and late December), so the preemie summer clothes were not working in the winter, even in California.

mount... mountainmama601

I also have a hard time, but I have been blessed with many hand-me-downs, so I tend to send them to my friends for there babies.  One thing I have a problem with is giving clothes when people ask, and I know they won't be taken care of or appreciated.  I bit the bullet and sent some warm clothes to a baby girl in need, just cuz her mama is lazy doesn't mean she doesn't need to be warm. 

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