Baby Got a Boo Boo?

ice pack for babies boo boos

photo by erinkoeser616

Ouchie Pouchie, $3 at etsy

If you read the Baby Buzz yesterday, then you know my baby has a black eye. Sigh. After it happened, I was trying to clean her cuts and to get the swelling down, I ended up using a bag of frozen corn. My baby loves corn, but she really wasn't into having a bag of it on her face.


Years ago, my mother and I made "boo boo bunnies" as favors for my sister's baby shower—they were little terry cloth bunnies that you stick in the freezer to put on your little one's wounds. I was really wishing I had a boo boo bunny or something just as cute to use last night. I've forgotten how to make them, so I was really excited when I stumbled upon this Ouchie Pouchie on CafeMom.

Made by erinkoeser616, the Ouchie Pouchie is a cute flannel cotton bag filled with rice. You can store it in your freezer and use it on your baby's bumps and bruises when needed. Or you can heat it in the microwave and use it to soothe achy muscles (say, from carrying a baby all day). It's non-toxic and reusable, and it comes in a variety of adorable patterns. You can get them at erinkoeser616's Etsy shop for $3.

What do you keep in your baby's first aid kit?

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