My Baby Has a Black Eye—and I'm a Mess


mom stresses out when baby falls

My heart breaks

when my baby gets hurt

It's been a rough few days. Yesterday, I was at the store with my daughter and she got tired of sitting in the cart so I carried her in my arms until I couldn't anymore. I put her down so she could walk. She wasn't walking for more than two seconds when another shopper plowed her cart into my baby and knocked her down flat on her back.

From just steps away, I saw it all happening in slow motion, screaming, "Watch out!" but it was too late. The woman didn't see her and I couldn't get to my daughter in time. I scooped my baby up, held her tight, and stood there crying in the middle of the store. My baby cried too, but not for nearly as long as I did. Her forehead was a little pink, but a few minutes later there was no physical sign of the collision.

Today was another story.

My little climber fell down some stairs at home. Again I rushed over from where I stood (not close enough!) and picked her up. I didn't even notice her cut, puffy eye until after she stopped crying and I looked at her precious little face. All my fault. I immediately called my husband and resigned my job as mother saying my daughter would be better off without me.

I also called my sister-in-law T. for some advice about what to do about my baby's eye. She gave me a few tips, and then she said, "Here's what you should do for you." T. said it wasn't good for me to be stressed because the baby would pick up on it. She recommended some Rescue Remedy.

My friend B.'s baby also took a tumble recently and B. rushed her to the hospital, a nervous wreck. The doctor told her husband, "The baby is fine, but I'm really worried about your wife." He wanted to give her some Valium. Seriously.

It's hard watching your baby get hurt and it's hard not to feel guilty and think you could have, should have ...

I'm pretty sure that my baby's black eye will heal, but I don't think I'll ever recover.

How do you deal with your stress when your baby gets hurt?



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MariE... MariElizbeth

I have been in similar situations.  Don't stress!  You are not a bad mother!  Life happens.  If you are really still concerned, call your pediatrician and ask them what they think.  Also, it is easy to forget the third person involved,  the driver of the other cart may be just as upset!

babyfat5 babyfat5

It really depends. Babies fall they get bumps, scratches, black eyes and I'm usually fine,  but some things ... one time my older kids got the cap off a clorox bottle and previous to that they were all playing while I made dinner well one dumped the Clorox bottle on the little ones head and I washed her off and ran to the er. She was 100% fine (didn't get into eyes and she ingested none) but I on the other hand was frantic! The doc started paying more attention to me and started taking my vitals! Then started telling me you did the right stuff you washed her off changed her good thinking. It didn't help. Then one time one of my kids were spinning on a chair. I had just said "don't do that you'll get hurt" then turned to put corn in the microwave and heard bang! Blood every where! Off to the ER for stitches. Her no crying by time we got there. Me .. they wanted to give a sedative.

My2Bo... My2BoyznMe0508

I used to be a nervous wreck at any family function. Everyone would tell me that he was a little boy and accidents happen and thay he will never survive the toddler years without some kind of "boo boo". It got to the point where I dreaded going anywhere, I couldn't do anything but stand over and watch my little man like a hawk. Eventually he did get hurt, since then, I've learned to relax. They are children, accidents will happen, and it says nothing about the type of mother you are. If they escape their childhood with only minor bumps and bruises, it will be a miracle! So take some time for you, relax, and assure yourself that these things will always happen and you can't be there every second of everyday hovering. Things will be okay!!  SMILE A LITTLE!!


we are some luney tunes for our babies huh?

My oldest broke her arm at 2 and then fell and hit her head and had to get staples.

she's the toughest now!

realt... realtorshelly

Accidents happen~don't stress.

I find a stiff drink helps. :o)

Hunte... HuntersMomee

my baby boy got his hand UNDER the vaccum with me right THERE! he ened up with bad burns on his hand, i cried all the way to the E.R....... he fell asleep....

the nurse said the moms usually come in in worse shape than the injured

Hunte... HuntersMomee

& when i was younger... i had to get stiches above my eye...where my eyebrow had once been ( it grew ) well as they were doing that.... my mom was in the room next to me...she passed out....


Accidents happen. You are not the first mother who turned her back for two seconds to have her baby get hurt... and you won't be the last. I remember when my son was two or three he climbed up into the recliner and fell backwards right onto the glass coffee table. Cut his head and had a HUGE goose egg. I felt like such a bad mom and I was literally two feet away from him. He cried a bit, we iced it, and he was fine, just had a angry knot on his little head for a while. Kids fall, get knocked down, get bruises, etc.. It is a fact of life and childhood. Don't beat yourself up.

heydo... heydooney

My parents were camping and we were visiting them. I got a sliver in my hand and laid my son in the middle of their bed. He wasn't crawling or even creeping yet, so I thought he was safe. I was in the bathroom trying to get the sliver out, and I heard the awful thud. I guess he figured out the creeping that day. I picked him up and cried with him. Everyone outside heard the noise too, and came in and tried to make me feel better. I heard about all their kids' bumps and bruises. Everyone's got a story; it's amost like joining a club.

fluud7 fluud7

I don't know. I guess I'm not much of a "stresser". Kids are kids and they're gonna get hurt.

Last week, my 2yo daughter managed to open a bottle of Claritin RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I called 911, who passed me on to Poison Control, who directed me to take her to the ER. She was fine, but I was nervous. Once she had no signs of distress after the LONG trip to the hospital, I calmed down. That was probably the most stressed I've been.

Oh wait, and one time my 9 month old daughter stuck her hand in an EXTREMELY hot cheese dip at Ruby Tuesdays. It was totally the waitress's fault, but it was an accident. That was a little stressful too as she screamed and screamed until she finally fell asleep.

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