How's Your Vagina Doing These Days?

reasons not ot have a baby

photo by Karaanne

One really great reason to

have a baby!

I have a baby and since you're reading the Baby Buzz you probably do too. I was thinking I'd like to have another one—or even two. But then I read this article "Twenty Other Reasons Not to Have a Baby."


Here are some of the highlights:

1. 96 percent of women say they are "less pleased" with their vaginas a year after giving birth.

2. 67 percent of couples say they argue more during the first year after the child is born.

3. Working mothers have a total of 7 hours of "me time" per week (working non-mothers have 17).

4. In the 12 months after a child is born, sexual activity among couples drops by 40 percent, with 25 percent of couples doing it only once a month.

5. Couples with children are twice as likely to file for bankruptcy.

6. 60 percent of mothers say they lost friends once they had kids.

There are 14 more reasons listed not to have a baby, including things like lack of sleep. But none of them has convinced me. Heck, I'm thinking of coming up with my own list "One Reason to Have Twenty Babies." Oh wait, I think Nadya Suleman (the "octo-mom") already wrote that one.

Are you "less pleased" with your vagina? Does that (or any of these other things) make you want to turn your baby in?

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