Is Breastfeeding Boring?

breastfeeding boring multi-tasking multitasking

Do you multi-task while you nurse?

A friend told me how much reading she got done while she was breastfeeding, but when my baby was new, I never felt comfortable doing anything else while I was nursing her. I never watched TV, ate, read, e-mailed, or talked on the phone. I just looked at my daughter and talked to her and sang to her.


My baby is now 14 months old and although I feel kind of guilty, I sometimes do other things while I'm breastfeeding—check e-mail or talk on the phone. I've never really been bored while I feed her, I multi-task more out of necessity (otherwise I'd get nothing done). I'm becoming a pro one-handed typist. But some women do get bored while nursing their babies and see it as time they need to fill. For them, guilt comes from "just sitting around feeding the baby" rather than from not giving the baby their undivided attention.

Do you get bored while you're breast- or bottle-feeding your baby? What do you do to fill the time?

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