Do You Love One Baby More Than the Other?

love one baby better than the otherI have a cousin who just had a baby. She also has an 18-month-old. It's painfully obvious that she and her boyfriend both prefer the baby to the older child. They say things like, "Oh, she makes me want to have another one, but that one forget about it." and "She's so happy—she laughs all the time, she never did."


It's not just that she's making comparisons, it's also in the tone of her voice. Everyone in our family has noticed it. It makes me really sad because if we notice it, the older baby is definitely picking up on it. I can't imagine this happening myself because Mr. Cafe Suzanne and I both adore our first baby so much.

Do you have more than one baby? Do you prefer one to the other? Why? Do you keep your preference to yourself?

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