Women Adopt Baby Monkeys to Raise as Kids

adopting monkeys instead of babiesThere are about 15,000 moms in the United States that have adopted baby monkeys to raise as kids. They diaper them, put them in baby clothes and high chairs, and even decorate nurseries for them so they can have their own rooms.


According to a segment on Primetime, which I heard about through Momlogic, the people that do the adopting are usually empty nesters—parents whose kids have grown and left home—and they do it to fill the void. And they don't leave them at home, they bring their baby monkeys with them wherever they go. It reminds me of the women that treat real-looking dolls like babies. But dolls are harmless, monkeys can be dangerous to you or those around you as last week's sad chimpanzee story shows. (On the other hand, they're supposed to be smarter than babies.)

What do you think? Is this the same thing as having a pet or is it something more? Is raising a monkey like raising a baby?

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