Pop Out for Coffee When Baby's Down for a Nap?

graco mini digital monitor leaving baby alone

Graco iMonitor Mini Digital Monitor,

$100, babiesrus.com

Hi, Cafe Melisa dropping by Baby Buzz today....

Naptime is a beautiful thing, isn't it? Growing babes need sleep to re-charge (and here's some info on how many naps baby should have and how often), but the down-time is pretty key for mom, too. Quiet! Time to yourself! Yesss.

The one down-side? You're stuck in the house.


I just read about a new monitor from Graco that's tiny, wearable, and has an away range of up to 2,000 feet. The little write-up where I read about it suggests that, with the lengthy range and easy portability, you could pop over to a neighbor's house for coffee during naptime.

But it made me wonder. Would I?

I have a baby monitor and I use it, but I'm not sure about using it while I leave the house for a few minutes -- although, admittedly, I don't think the older model I have has that kind of long-distance range, so it's not even an option.

What do you think? If you had a monitor like this one and you could hear clearly what was happening in baby's room, would you run over to a neighbor's house for a quick hello, or out to grab the mail and get some fresh air?

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