Tips for Piercing Your Baby's Ears

photo by BellasMommy85

My baby can be wearing a pink tutu with a pink sparkly shirt and pink tights and a pink bow in her hair and still, people will say, "What a cute little boy! How old is he?" I never considered piercing my baby's ears, but maybe it's one way for moms to say, "It's a girl!"


Over at the After Pregnancy: Babies & Toddlers group anderson03 asked "At what age would you pierce your little girl's ears?" There are some Baby Mamas in the group who, like me, are going to wait until their daughters are a little older. But for those of you plan on piercing your baby's ears, some of the experienced moms had some really good tips:

  1. Make sure your baby is ready. Mandybrooke, who had her daughter's ears pierced at 8 months wrote, "What made me decide to go ahead with it was that Hannah was really good with letting me touch her ears ... I had a friend who wanted to get her daughter's done, but she wouldn't let her mess with her ears so she got them done when her daughter was 13 months."
  2. Have your pediatrician do it. RainbowCowgirl said, "The doctor has more of an interest in the baby's well-being and was much more patient and gentle than a salesperson."
  3. Pierce both ears at the same time. "That's what they did for my daughter and I am so glad because she cried and there would have been no way they could have pierced the other ear if they hadn't done it that way," wrote proudmamafeb.

So what do you think—are you going to pierce your baby daughter's (or son's) ears?

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