25 Random Things About My Baby

baby Everyone on Facebook is playing "25 Random Things About Me," where they list, well, random things about themselves. So Cafe Sheri decided to do her own spin-off and wrote "25 Random Things About My House." I decided to be a copycat and do the same thing. Only I'm not going to tell you 25 random things about me or my house—it's all about my baby. Here goes.


1. Her first word was baby. She said it in sign language class.

2. She has five cousins—all girls.

3. She has four teeth, which she likes to bite her mommy with.

4. She's bald except for one dread lock growing in the back of her head.

5. She weighed 9 lbs, 3 oz when she was born.

6. It says FAILURE TO THRIVE across her medical chart. (Did I mention that she weighed 9 lbs, 3 oz when she was born?)

7. She hid my car keys and I couldn't find them for days. They turned up when Mr. Cafe Suzanne was baking me a Valentine's cake—in the sugar sack.

8. Her all-time favorite toys are those greeting cards that play music when you open them. Since she expressed an interest, her grandparents have bombarded her with enough that she can open her own card store.

9. In her first few weeks of crawling, she'd push off on her one big toe and got a huge blister on it.

10. Her godmother is my goddaughter.

11. Her nickname is speedy.

12. She's my favorite child.

13. When she was 8 months old, she gave me poison ivy—all over my boobs. She touched it, put her fingers in her mouth and breastfed. (She didn't get it because it doesn't affect babies.)

14. She's already been on an airplane four times, and she behaved amazingly well.

15. She will eat anything and everything—lobster, capers, artichokes, spinach, salmon, prunes—except for green beans.

16. She was a woodland fairy for Halloween.

17. She adores dogs.

18. She hates having her nose wiped, but doesn't mind having her nails clipped.

19. She'll go to most women but is wary of all men—except her daddy.

20. She has a different last name than me.

21. She loves flowers.

22. When she is being carried, she has always preferred facing out to see the world rather than facing in toward the person carrying her.

23. She was born the day before my due date.

24. She's an expert stair climber.

25. She makes people happy—especially me.

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