Designer Babies, Coming to a Doctor Near You

designer babies

photo by porterjoshua06

This perfect baby was made by

mom and dad

Hate red hair? Want your baby to have blue eyes? Hoping for a girl? There's a company in Los Angeles that's offering "a preselected choice of gender, eye color, hair color, and complexion" pending the availability of genetic tests.


As it turns out, these tests aren't available yet, but soon very soon, you'll likely be able to have the designer baby of your choice.

As this Slate article points out, there are a lot of trends that show we are heading in that direction:

1. Embryos are screened for quality and potential disease.

2. Screening is extending to traits that are not medically important (i.e., crossed eyes and other cosmetic conditions).

3. People are already engaging in sex selection—embryos of the wrong gender are tossed.

And there's more. But you get the idea.

One of the reasons I was so excited about having a baby with my husband was to see what kind of baby the two of us would create. What would she look like? So far it turns out she's got his bushy eyebrows, my chunky thighs, and her grandma's big cheeks. In other words, she's perfect in every way!

Would you choose your baby's eye color or hair color if you could? Why?

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