New Mom Secrets: I Drove My Baby Without a Car Seat


driving car with baby not in car seatIt's hard being a new mom (or even an experienced mom to a new baby) and sometimes we do things we know we shouldn't, despite what all the experts say. But this is a safe place to share your secrets—we won't tell.

This Week's Secret:

"When my daughter was 10 months old, my husband drove our car while I sat in the back holding her, and seatbelted in, because we didn't have a car seat—my mother had borrowed it without letting us know. We drove for about 10 miles. Terrible I know! —anonymous


What do you think about putting a baby in a car without a car seat under these circumstances?

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We all have secrets and opinions—so thanks to this brave mom for sharing her honest thoughts, and thank you for keeping this conversation nonjudgmental!

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Ezras... EzrasMom777

i did vote the last one. I have locked my keys in my car along with the car seat. I was able to call my church which had a vehicle in the area and saved me the locksmith charge. I did ride home in  the van without a car seat feeling terrible the whole time there. I was able to ride back with baby in a car seat. i later found out that in the type of van legally infants can ride in them without a car seat. (like a bus) but i personally still felt terrible.

nicho... nicholeluvslucy

I held my baby in the back seat on the way to the ER once because I was scared we were losing her. She was just SERIOUSLY dehydrated and they kept her over night to give her an I.V.   I didn't feel bad about it at all, what if I had been losing my baby? I would want her last breaths to be in my arms, not strapped into her car seat.

Mandy... Mandy091705

u know what?? stuff happens. What do u think parents did before carseats?? yes it is safest to have the baby in a carseat, but i know that i have definatly been in the back seat holding my baby without a carseat. It isnt something u should do unless necessary but it is okay......

every... everydayspeachy

i called 911 over it. i was sitting in a little ceasers parking lot when i saw a minni van drive up. A woman and her boyfriend were in it with their two kids and niether one were in a carseat!! a two year old and a one month old. when they left aftter returning movies to blockbuster right next door the toddler was running ramped in the van and the infant was in the fathers lap. it is considered child crulety now and the state can take the kids away from them for endangering them. the police officers couldnt find the van but got the address for the licsence plate # i gave them. The police even went to the house to see if they returned home and if they hadnt they were going to wait by the house to try and catch them. SO there are major penalties now for childeren not being in state law requierd car seats.

MamaC... MamaCatCat


In an emergency, call an ambulance.

If you get in a car wreck, it will not matter how tight you think you are holding your baby, the sheer velocity will rip her from you in a split second and she is going THROUGH. THE. WINDSHIELD.

MamaC... MamaCatCat

If you love her, you will LET HER CRY.

If somebody runs a stop sign or a redlight and plows into your vehicle and your child is thrown from the car and killed, you will wish you had just let her cry, because you'll never hear her tears again.

babyb... babyboomboom

If it's a true emergency - taking the baby to the hospital - then call the ambulance. Just because it is an emergency doesn't mean that another driver isn't going to plow into you and send you both through the windshield. There is NO excuse for not putting a baby in a car seat. Just look at the statistics since they made the new car seat laws. Its disturbing that people EVER put their babies in cars without proper protection. When my daughter was one her cousin poked her in the ear with something and actually made her bleed. I STILL put her in the car seat to take her to the hospital.

I don't know why you continue to post these Buzz things with mommy confessions. All it does is cause drama and/or make new moms feel it is okay to do bad things. It's stupid and CM should seriously reconsider letting you post these or post anything at all for them

sapient Feb. 17, 2009 at 11:10 AM

I agree!  Driving with your child without a car seat is child endangerment and if I saw you I would be the one calling the cops and reporting your license to them.  If it were that much of an emergency you can call an ambulance.  It is NEVER ok for a baby to ride without a car seat.

Is it really going to take a dead child for CM to stop posting these confessions that make parents think that because someone elses confessed it on the buzz it will be ok?

Ooftacat Ooftacat

MamaCatCat, from one Cat to another---Bravo!!

Babyboomboom,--Bravo to you, too!

Ooftacat Ooftacat

I'm agreeing here, too. 

I think this "confessions" thing isn't working the way CM needs it to be.  This isn't "I let my child eat candy for dinner yesterday" or "I let my child stay up past his bedtimes on the weekends"...these type of confessions are potentially DEADLY.

CM is about sharing parenting tips, advise, and talking about REAL parenting to other moms.  All it takes is one mom, one baby, to say, "But I didn't know he woudn't be OK, I saw other mom's do it on CafeMom, and their child turned out just *fine*..."

Again, I'm not against talking about mistakes like this, as long as they are FILLED with education and "Learn from my mistakes, Look what could have happened, and Look how this can be prevented".

(Do we have a cafemom someone monitoring confessions?)


sofla... soflashelley

My husband works out of town during the week and I do not drive, so I rely on rides from others most of the time. Once when my mother lost her cell phone and again when my friend ended up in the hospital, I was stranded with my baby very far from home with no ride. So I hitchiked... with the baby and no car seat. It was always with women by themselves, never with men or couples, and I buckled myself in with her on my lap in the back seat. It isn't my proudest moment, but we got home safe and my girl hates her car seat so much!

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