New Mom Secrets: I Drove My Baby Without a Car Seat


driving car with baby not in car seatIt's hard being a new mom (or even an experienced mom to a new baby) and sometimes we do things we know we shouldn't, despite what all the experts say. But this is a safe place to share your secrets—we won't tell.

This Week's Secret:

"When my daughter was 10 months old, my husband drove our car while I sat in the back holding her, and seatbelted in, because we didn't have a car seat—my mother had borrowed it without letting us know. We drove for about 10 miles. Terrible I know! —anonymous


What do you think about putting a baby in a car without a car seat under these circumstances?

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We all have secrets and opinions—so thanks to this brave mom for sharing her honest thoughts, and thank you for keeping this conversation nonjudgmental!

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Fista... Fistandantalus

Heather.darin, Sapient is expressing her opinion, just as you did.  She is "talking about things" and if she can't do that, what's the point?

SxdUp... SxdUpAngel

I completely agree with Sapient.  These posts are just drama.  Obviously the situation wasn't an emergency or the mom would have said so.  She could have stayed home with child, or dad could have, while whatever errand was ran by the other parent.  Child is safe and the car seat can be returned later.  I believe that if it is an honest emergency in which you can't wait for the ambulance to get there then I can understand it, that doesn't really make it "ok" but our brains go crazy in emergencies so I could excuse it. 

loli_... loli_usn17

If it were a true emergency, I would call 911. Imagine driving to the ER, you're already freaking out, and someone else (or you) is not paying attention and you get hit. If your child makes contact with that window he or she's going to be pretty messed up if not dead. I wouldn't chance it. Not even for a second.

Willy... Willywonka06

If it's a life threatining emgergency then I can see doing it other wise NO excuse. I have seen too many accidents with adults no wearing seat belts or children not in proper seats. Yet so many surrive when in the proper seats and belts. There is a reason for them!

mdt709 mdt709

not to mention you should not fasten the baby between you and the seatbelt.  If the seatbelt locks, and you fly forward, the baby will get squished between you and the searbelt which can also cause injuries.

For me, it would have to be some kind of major emergency to not put mt baby in a carseat, or buckle any of my children in.

Misan... MisanthropKitty

ive always wondered about what i would do in an emergency... i have a spare car seat that i use for other peoples cars and if i really needed to get nate to the hospital would i want to waste time installing a car seat or would i just say screw it and head out... i hope i never have to find out!!

Misan... MisanthropKitty

and another thought... if say my son severed a finger or broke his arm or something drastic like that... would i put him in the carseat or cuddle him to the hospital?  maybe in a drastic situation like that i would call the ambulance

MoonL... MoonLover06

I would do it in an emergency.  I'm sorry but an ambulance sometimes would just take too long.

MamaK88 MamaK88

I agree with Sapient 100%. 

CM needs women like her to balance out all the idiots on CM. 

Y'know...the voice of REASON.

simpl... simplyjaneen

I know a mom on here who got a visit  from CPS because someone took pictures of her daughter not being buckled in properly. The mom didn't know at the time and had stopped realizing it and fixed it but by then, this woman had already taken the pictures and turned the mom in. The woman didn't even try to tell the mom that the buckles were not done right, just took the pictures. CPS stopped in and the mom did confess that she goofed which was a good thing because if she had lied about it, she would have ended up in even more trouble.

This is not a good idea, driving without the kid in a carseat. Most accidents occur within a few miles from home. It's just not safe. What if this mom had gotten into an accident? What if something had happened to that baby? There's a mom who is facing criminal charges for not putting her child into a car seat properly! Is it worth the risk? NOT only to maybe lose the child but to actually face criminal charges, a trial, MAYBE even prison?

Some of these "confessions", I'm sorry to say, they're HORRIBLE! They're confessions that could very well bring in CPS and I don't think they should be posted on CM for the whole world to see. Because you know, I think it is very possible for there to be some kind of a legal issue there if anything were to ever happen.

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