Sick Baby: Do You Google His Symptoms?

searching for medical advice for sick baby online

Do you search online for medical advice?

Let's say your baby has green goop coming out of her eye or he hasn't pooped in a few days, do you get online and start googling the symptoms and looking for advice? I know I do. And I inevitably end up more nervous about my baby's "problem" than when I started.

"Googling can lead parents down some dark paths," says JJ Levenstein, M.D., FAAP, a pediatrician in Encino, California. "Following the wrong paths on the Internet can lead to misinformation, confusion, and outright unnecessary fear."

I asked her what medical sites she recommends when you need good, reliable information.


Here are Dr. Levenstein's favorites (just click on the name of the organization or person to get to the site):

1. The American Academy of Pediatrics has wonderful information on children's health.

2. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers great information about travel preparation, illnesses and disease.

3. The Mayo Clinic
is a fantastic resource for information on illnesses, with a terrific section about medications and supplements.

4. Dr. Greene  Alan Greene, M.D., FAAP, from Stanford, has a wonderful e-pediatrician site with a lot of good developmental content, as well as solutions to basic problems for babies, kids and young adults.

5. General Pediatrics
discusses common pediatric health problems for patients and families.

6. The American Dietetic Association
offers tips on feeding and nourishing your children and family.

7. The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network is a must-read for families with food allergies.

8. WebMD ( provides health resources for the whole family.

9. The Cradle is a nice resource for pregnant moms and parents of young children.

Bookmark these sites so you'll have easy access to them the next time you're worried about your little one. That way you won't be misinformed or scared by your google search results. And remember, there's no substitute for calling your own pediatrician or naturopath.

What books and sites do you rely on when your baby is sick?

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