Bringing Baby to the Movies: Good Idea?


bringing baby to the movies, would you bring baby to the movies

Popcorn, soda .... baby?

Years ago, my friend Christine and I brought her son to the movies. He was just a few months old, and I think Christine wanted to show she was still the same freewheeling person she had been before her adorable bundle of responsibility came along. She'd continue to live her life and do the things she'd always done.

I thought it was kind of weird, but Christine seemed very relaxed about the whole thing. We didn't know it at the time, but the movie we chose ended up being extremely loud and violent. The baby slept through it all (if he had cried we would have left), but I couldn't help wondering if all the dialogue, guns, and killing were somehow being impressed upon his pure little subconscious—or if the noise was hurting his ears. Neither of us enjoyed the movie. It was bad, but it was also really stressful with the baby there. My friend never brought the baby to a movie again.

Christine and I never talked about the movie "incident," but I recently saw her a few months ago when she was meeting my baby for the first time. Her son is now seven and she has a 5-year-old daughter. My daughter was just a little older than her son had been when we brought him to the movies. Christine looked at me and said with a little smile, "Do you remember when we brought Ben to the movies?" I caught her eye and nodded, and I knew we were both thinking, Crazy, first-time mom!

Have you ever brought your baby to the movies? Would you do it again? Do you think it's okay if the baby stays quiet? Have you ever been at a movie where another movie-goer brought a baby?



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Spiri... SpiritMoon

No absolutely NOT!!!!!!!  Even if you have the most well behaved baby in the world, every child has those days.  We actually have Netflix and watch all of our movies that way.  Its simpler, and if our child gets sick, acts up or what ever, we are the only ones who are inconvenienced by the event, and its cheaper too.

bless... blessed5x

NOPE!  I have sat in a theatre with a crying baby, the sound is WAY too loud for their little ears, and the parents didn't remove the baby, just kept trying, to no avail, to soothe the baby.  I can't even remember what the movie was about!  LOL  I have been in theatres where the baby did just as your friends did, sleep the entire time and I thought, how in the world, it's SO loud!  LOL  Not one of my five children ever were taken to a movie theatre as babies.  The loud volume in the theatre isn't good for the babies hearing. 

mandyjh mandyjh

Yes, i have been taking my son to the movies sence he was 5 months old, however none of those movies were adult movies, i take him when we go to childrens movies, with my sister and her kids.

babyb... babyboomboom

My son went to go see Madagascar 2 w/ my little brother and sister(6 & 8)when he was 6months old(now he is 8months)  I would not take him to a PG-13 movie unless he was 13 or a R movie unless he was 18. IMO children should only watch childrens movies.

momma... mommawhite08

my baby has been going to the drive in since she was 2 wks old and had her first trip to the regular movies at 6 wks.  She has been about  4 times since, she is now 4 months.  We always sit in the back and she'll usually eat the first half hour and then stand on my legs and watch the movie.  She did cry one time and I immediately got up and walked out, no big deal since we were on the end in the back.............

Godluvzu Godluvzu

No, I have not and would not take a baby to the movies for the simple fact that the movies in theaters are WAY TOO LOUD for their little ears.

kexley28 kexley28

The first time I took my daughter to a movie was when she was a little over a year old (or almost a year old, I can't remember). A baby any smaller I wouldn't, even though I know they would probably sleep through the whole thing, I'd be afaid that it would be way to loud. I don't think I'd take them to anything except a kids movie either, my daughter went with me to Horton Hears A Who (but I'm one of those people who loves the cartoony kids movies). I have taken her to live productions (plays) since she was about 6 months old though.

krist... kristal2146

I brought my daughter to see Mama Mia when she was 5 weeks old. It was a great experience with my aunt, she slept through the whole movie only waking up to eat. It was dark, I BF her and she went back to sleep.

Now she loves tv, so we're going to see Coraline next week. She's 7 months old.

ameli... ameliasmama1026

I brought my second daughter to the movies when was 4 days old. It was a kids movie that my oldest dd wanted to see. I had her in my moby wrap and she slept the whole time.

Busym... Busymama07

We took our son to the movies when he was a baby. Anytime we went somewhere that was noisy (and I don't mean loud) he would always fall asleep and stay that way. Restaurants, movies, family get togethers, etc. We have a 3.5 week old daughter now who sleeps the same way and when she's a little older I would have no problem finding a babysitter for our son and taking her with us.

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