Was Your Baby Born or Conceived on Valentine's Day?

Baby 53

babies conceived on valentine's day

photo by Precious333

What a sweetheart!

I'm a Valentine's Baby—I was born in the middle of November. Guess my parents had fun that year! I'm pretty sure Cafe Kristen is going to be giving her husband a little nooky tonight. And I'm guessing Mr. Cafe Suzanne wouldn't mind a little.

Have you ever "celebrated" Valentine's Day in such a way that you wound up with a really great gift—nine months later? Will you be celebrating that way tonight? Or was your baby born on Valentine's Day?

valentine's day


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momma... momma2zac2006

My nephew was conceived the day before or on valentine's day...my son was conceived a week after...both boys are november babies

Fanta... Fanta-Mommy

i was! born nov 14...born exactly 9 months later! lmfao

Sonylena Sonylena

My best friend was born on Valentine's Day 83

Hunte... HuntersMommy214

My son was born on Valentine's day last year.  He is a year old today!!!!!!!

kandy... kandyliving

I was conceived on v day so was hubby we have same bday nov.15th

Neila930 Neila930

My daughter was bor Valentines day 2005. She turns 4 today

Princ... PrincessZ20

We're crossing our fingers and hoping for a Valentine's Day conception this year :)

ljg38 ljg38

Our eldest was conceived on Valentine's day 19 years ago. 

abmm abmm

My youngest was due on February 7th. She didn't come then. I was scheduled to be induced on Valentine's Day but had a  non-stress test on the 12th. Everything looked fine till they checked my fluid level which turned out to be low. So they walked me over to labor and delivery right then and induced me. The DR. told me with the fluid level as low as it was that I would not have ever gone into labor by myself. So I almost had a Valentine's Day baby. She just turned 2 two days ago.

Kenda... KendallsMommee

I was conceived on Valentine's Day along with my brother and sister. We're triplets!

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