The Octuplet Mom: Will You Donate Money to Her Family?

The public relations firm hired by Nadya Suleman, the controversial octuplet mom, has created a Web site, where anyone can go on and make a donation to Nadya and her fourteen children. Despite all of the hullabaloo surrounding the birth of the octuplets last month, Suleman's publicist Joann Killeen says that donations have been pouring in.


If you remember, Suleman is an unemployed, single mother who had six children when she underwent invitro fertilization and had eight embryos implanted in her, which resulted in the octuplets: Noah, Maliah, Isaiah, Noriah, Mccai, Josiah, Jeremiah, and Jonah.

Many people question the ethics of the doctors who performed the IVF procedures and Suleman's responsibility as a parent and her decision to have more children when she already had six and was in financial trouble. The medical bills for the octuplets will likely be astronomical, not to mention the costs of raising 14 children.

Nadya is doing the televison interview circuit and hopes to get her own show.

At the Web site, you can make a donation with your credit card, or you get the address where you can send checks or items. You can also leave a comment for Nadya Suleman and her family.

Will you donate something to Nadya Suleman and her family? Do you think her kids need a helping hand? Or do you think she should be financially responsible for her own family? Do you think she's going to be making millions on books, interviews, television shows and the Web site is just overkill? Are you thinking about starting a Web site for your family?

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