Will Your Baby's Name Affect His Future?

Research shows that people's names may have something to do with how they do in school and the kind of job they end up with. One study found that sixth graders with names that teachers liked scored higher in tests, were better adjusted, and set higher goals. Another found that students whose names began with C and D were more likely to have lower grades that students whose names begin with A and B (uh-oh, my daughter might be in trouble).


Cafe Kierna thinks she might be in trouble because boys with unpopular names are more likely to commit crimes.

Yet another study found that people associate certain names with luck and beauty, and another found that the girliness of a name can affect job success and personality. Girls with more feminine names pursue traditional female careers (nurse, hair stylist, interior decorator) and boys with masculine names are expected to be successful in traditional male careers (truck driver, plumber, electrician).

The names people associate with intelligence: Abigail, Alexis, Grace, Leah, Meryl, Vanessa, Alexander, David, John, Kenneth, Samuel, and Tim.

What do you think about all these studies about names? Do you think your little one's name will affect will affect his future?

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