Do We Have Too Many Tests When We're Pregnant?

genetic testing baby amniocentisis

Did your tests turn out to be wrong?

Doctors told my pregnant cousin she would probably have a Down's Syndrome baby. She went through all kinds of emotions, had a pretty stressful pregnancy, and prepared for life with her new baby. When the baby was born, he did not have Down's. She felt relief, but also anger. She had been on an emotional roller coaster for no reason at all.


A friend was told, based on ultrasounds, that she was having a girl. She did the girlie nursery, bought the pink clothes and the pretty dolls. She and her husband were shocked when her bundle of joy turned out to be a boy.

Another woman I know is an OB/GYN. She had a very healthy pregnancy. She had all kinds of ultrasounds and genetic testing because she has real faith in medicine. All signs pointed to a perfectly healthy baby. When the baby was born, he was missing some skin on his foot. The baby suffers from a rare skin disorder, in which his skin blisters when touched, he has to have his hands and feet wrapped, and he is in a lot of pain. None of the tests my friend had picked this up.

All the tests we go through can certainly be helpful, but I wonder if sometimes it's just too much. Would we be better off just going through our pregnancy not knowing everything we're capable of knowing (with the help of science)? Or are these tests really helpful?

Did you have ultrasounds? Genetic testing? Amnio? Did the tests predict everything correctly?

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