Did You Arrange Your Pregnancy Around Your Career?


career and kids waiting to have baby younger women have kidsFor the past 40 years, women have been waiting to have babies. Probably in part, to get their careers going. And it seems like more and more women are waiting even longer than ever—there are lots of first-time moms in their late thirties and early forties, and even some in their fifties and sixties. But despite that, the trend is now for women to have their first baby when they're a lot younger.

For the first time since the government started keeping records, the average age at which women are having babies fell—there was a 5% increase in first-time babies in women aged 20 to 24. Experts say this could be because of a shift in attitudes. Women now just assume they'll have both a career and a family and they'll do it on their own schedule. Before women felt like they had to spend ten years working to prove themselves before they had kids.

Did your career affect when you decided to have kids?



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Sylvi... SylviaNCali

Yes I went back and forth and was going to have my kids sooner or later. I picked sooner because I figured getting into business will take time and by the time it picks up they will be in school and I will have more time to focus when it picks up. I got pregnant at 22 and then shortly after I had my DD I got pregnant again. It all worked out well and it was kind of planned. LONG STORY lol.

lovep... lovepotato

I'm a SAHM, but soon I want to go back to school. I have one little boy, and I've had a stillborn and a m/c. A career is on the backburner for now. I want to concentrate on another healthy pregnancy or 2 before I worry about adding a job to it. And I love staying home.

i_am_... i_am_tish

nope i chose kids over carreer, i think too many women are waiting, and looking down upon those who arent, i admire working moms because it;s so hard, but if i didn't need the money id be staying home for sure!

freea... freeathome

I did not arrange my kids around my career. I was in the middle of school when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. I was 3 months from finishing nursing school. I did finish and I received my license but I have not done nursing since. I was planning on starting my career in nursing when my daughter turned 1 years old, but I found out I was pregnant again when she was 9 months old. So after being home with them for some time now I can not see myself leaving them. But I still had a passionate for the medical industry. That is when I found Ameriplan. It was the perfect opportunity for me. To be able to stay at home with my kids, plus help others in need.



momwo... momworking278

Motherhood is such a relevant topic when it comes to work life issues in today’s evolving workplace. I do work for the Families and Work Institute (a nonprofit organization dedicated to researching and studying the changing workplace, family, and community relating to businesses across America) so I am always glad to read these kind of postings. If readers of this blog weren’t already aware, a wide range of topics such as the latest trends in addressing human resources, work life, and diversity issues, as well as presentations on new technologies and research geared towards business will be addressed at this year’s Work Life Conference on March 10-11 in New Orleans. Also, three new workplace studies will be released at the conference, covering the link between gender differences and job alterations, the economic downturn and talent preparation, and generational factors relating to employment quality.


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kelinnh kelinnh

yes i waited to have children until my career was stable and successful, and i was done with all my schooling. it has been challening to back out of things, but i work one day a week in my field and enjoy the time home with my kids. i had my baby at 37.

Iraqi... IraqiVetWife

Yes, I did, because I'm a stay at home mom recently I took on a part time job as a pharmacy technician.

Because I had so much time at home I felt safe to let God plans go through as he wished.

Working at home can be a real blessing, I know that working with Procard I wont have to worry about being on leave or even returning for the small income i make outside the home.

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