Did You Arrange Your Pregnancy Around Your Career?

career and kids waiting to have baby younger women have kidsFor the past 40 years, women have been waiting to have babies. Probably in part, to get their careers going. And it seems like more and more women are waiting even longer than ever—there are lots of first-time moms in their late thirties and early forties, and even some in their fifties and sixties. But despite that, the trend is now for women to have their first baby when they're a lot younger.


For the first time since the government started keeping records, the average age at which women are having babies fell—there was a 5% increase in first-time babies in women aged 20 to 24. Experts say this could be because of a shift in attitudes. Women now just assume they'll have both a career and a family and they'll do it on their own schedule. Before women felt like they had to spend ten years working to prove themselves before they had kids.

Did your career affect when you decided to have kids?

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