What's Your Baby's Nickname?


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My friend Cafe Melisa, who is also CafeMom's awesome Pregnancy Buzz blogger, asked Baby-Mamas-To-Be what names they were considering. I can relate to mommy_bink who said, "I have thought of names since I have been dating my husband. It's fun for me!" I had a list of potential baby names for years ...

And when I actually got married and pregnant, my husband and I spent a lot of time searching for names and figuring out what we wanted to name our baby. Fast-forward to 18 months later. My "precious little pumpkin girl" gets called so many things I'm worried she'll never know what her name is. We call her bugaboo, bug, mama's good girl, sweetie, little sweetie, honey, squeaky, speedy, cutie ... you get the idea, pretty much anything but the name we agonized over. What do you call your precious little person?

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SinCi... SinCityMama

My daughter, Olivia Grace, has a ton of nicknames.  The one I call her the most is my "Honey Bear".  My grandma calls her "Funny Face" alot.  Her daddy calls her "Baby Girl". 

loriec loriec

My little baby girl is called "Moochie".

Mandy... Mandygurl2

My baby girls name is Jalena Rose but she gets called Gina, Jelly bean, Latch, roundface suckalotaboob, gina beana, lena, boo,boo, mamas, baby girl, sita, duck(her cries sound just like a duck quacking!) the quaker, stinky girl ( this usually produces a smile ) lol

e.rod... e.rodriguez82

My sons name is Benjamin and we call him either Benny or Gordo which means chubby in spanish..or cacheton which means big cheeks

joyfu... joyfullem

my monster gets called lots of cute nicknames the one that has stuck with me is sweetpotato when she first started eating baby food it was the only one she would touch none of the fruits or other veggies just the sweetpotatos over time the nick name has gotten shortened to potato though ... she'll hate it when shes older

Cafe... Cafe Melisa

OK, I have to chime in here, too! Jas (pronounced Jaz), Jazzer, the Jaz man, my guy, big dude -- and Nola, Nola Kate, the bug, Miss Bug, big bug, and Nola Belle.

Mama0... Mama0f3grlz

My oldest daughter's nicknames are just versions of her name- Mik Mik, Mikkers, Mikaboo, Baby Mik or we call her Princess because she was born thinking she was one. lol  When I had my middle daughter, my MIL called my husband Taterbug so she wanted to call my daughter Ladybug. Ladybug got shortened to Adiebug and then just Bug. So she is Bug, Bug Bug, Buggers, Bugaboo, Buggie, etc. or Adabug (like ate a bug lol). When I was pregnant with my youngest, my DH's Grandpa asked if she was a little Cadydid so she has always been Katydid, Katers, Katybear or Lil Bits. Yeah, I'm weird, I know. :)

Redne... RedneckMommy88

My little girl's name is Mollie. I call her Moll,Her Uncle Jo jo calls her pooterI feel sorry for Mollie as she gets older because she NEVER should have farted on her uncle joe the first time he held her! She will never live this name down and it will be so funny to explain to her boyfriends!!

aebaby aebaby

My poor baby girl gets called Emma Lou Poo Poo- her name is Emma- but not Lou it just rhymed with Poo Poo.  when she was teeny tiny she would only have a bowel movement every 5-7 days! (we did check with ther pediatrician and they said don't worry with breastfeed babies) anyway...when she finally went, wow.  Grandpa gave her the name and it stuck.

Mom2Dano Mom2Dano

My son's name is Daniel. When I had my first sonogram done my mom started calling him Bear, cause she said he looked like a teddy bear in the pic. He's called Bear by my mom and others today. He's also called Dano, and sometimes Doc. I started calling him Dano because it's just shortened down from his real name and easier. He answers to them all and still answers to his real name to.

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