What's Your Baby's Nickname?


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My friend Cafe Melisa, who is also CafeMom's awesome Pregnancy Buzz blogger, asked Baby-Mamas-To-Be what names they were considering. I can relate to mommy_bink who said, "I have thought of names since I have been dating my husband. It's fun for me!" I had a list of potential baby names for years ...

And when I actually got married and pregnant, my husband and I spent a lot of time searching for names and figuring out what we wanted to name our baby. Fast-forward to 18 months later. My "precious little pumpkin girl" gets called so many things I'm worried she'll never know what her name is. We call her bugaboo, bug, mama's good girl, sweetie, little sweetie, honey, squeaky, speedy, cutie ... you get the idea, pretty much anything but the name we agonized over. What do you call your precious little person?

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Diann... DiannasKeeper

my little girls name is Dianna but we call here bebe or buddahful of buddah baby or princess or little marie cause marie is here middle name we dont use her real name much is that bad?

Cafe... Cafe Suzanne

DiannasKeeper: No, it's not bad ... because Marie is my middle name too! :)

Krist... Kristybaby1

My sons nickname is Tank... Hes 5 months and weighs 21 pounds and is 27in. So it definitely fits.

nymom2 nymom2

My daughters name is kailynne, we call her kai kai, or stinky, lol

Peace... PeaceBstill07

I call my two yr old; Ree (which is closer to her name), Mommie, Wooder

My husband calles her; Widdle

Her big brother Will calls her; little one

mommy... mommyuphold

My DS' name is Evan Lee. I always call him Boo-Boo because my MIL calls my DH Boo. However he does know his name most of time, but always started refering to himself as  Ticka  and sometimes he calls me Ticka Mom and my DH Ticka Dad. I think its to cute, but I always say your name is Evan.

My DD's name is Sarah Brianne. I always call her Sis, Sissy or Sister or sometimes Boo-Boo Sissy. She has a lot of nicknames. We also called her pretty girl, angel baby, little miss or missy(thats what my mom/nana calls her)

Veela Veela

LOL - my son jack made everyone call him JACKIEPOO for a while! he would introduce himself that way. he's over it now though...

Rachel is 'Rae' and 'Rae Rae' along with the common girl nicknames like 'Princess' but sometimes i call her princessface.

Alex mostly gets called 'Little Guy' , 'Mama's Little Guy', or something like 'Turkey '


Darka... Darkangelpunk

My dd is Jasmin Donna, We call her Jazzy or JD or sweetie  pie. i love her so much

krisl... krislizbuff

my baby's name is landri eden.  she's a combo of her gma's names (laurie and sandy).  but almost since the day she was born i've called her bootifall.  when she was first born, we called her boomer because she used to fart all the time.  and now, most of us call her little boo.  i called her that from day one because i thought she was so beautiful.  i still think that. 

my husband calls her dinker doo. 

my dad calls her beetle bug. 

my mom calls her snuggle. 

my brother calls her mama. 

and a friend of mine calls her shmeagle. 

she's got LOTS of nicknames.  but she does know her name is landri.  that i know for sure.  landri lou, luber, landers, lovee, land a ri, baby, lan, and babykins are some others i frequent!  i love nicknames! 

Cafe... Cafe Suzanne

Oh such great nicknames!

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