What's Your Baby's Nickname?


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My friend Cafe Melisa, who is also CafeMom's awesome Pregnancy Buzz blogger, asked Baby-Mamas-To-Be what names they were considering. I can relate to mommy_bink who said, "I have thought of names since I have been dating my husband. It's fun for me!" I had a list of potential baby names for years ...

And when I actually got married and pregnant, my husband and I spent a lot of time searching for names and figuring out what we wanted to name our baby. Fast-forward to 18 months later. My "precious little pumpkin girl" gets called so many things I'm worried she'll never know what her name is. We call her bugaboo, bug, mama's good girl, sweetie, little sweetie, honey, squeaky, speedy, cutie ... you get the idea, pretty much anything but the name we agonized over. What do you call your precious little person?

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angel... angelbaby8486

my sons name is caleb but we call him mr. man! just kinda happened!cute thiugh

Cafe Amy Cafe Amy

I use multiple nicknames interchangeably for both my daughter and son. I call them Boo, Sweet Pea, Bubblicious, Sweet Potato Pie, Rye (that one is short for Riley) and T (short for Trevor).... and whatever else comes to mind.

boy n girl

bbjsm... bbjsmom08

My sons name is Brandon Justin but we call him BBJ (baby Brandon Justin) and Boogie(he loves music and he kicks his legs when certain songs come on.)simple smile

MrsParvi MrsParvi

My daughter's name is Kylie we call her nugget, muffin, peanut....and my husband calls her buttercup....sounds like we are just too hungry!!

kate_415 kate_415

My daughters name is Olivia Jane...my mom calls her Ollie, my best friend calls her OJ which has led to another of our family friends to call her Juice. 

busyb... busybee914

I call my baby princess, whiny butt (lol), punkin, chubby cheeks, and precious

shini... shining_star

My daughters name is Skylar, we call her Sky, babygirl, princess, peanut, punkin whatever comes to mind.

newmo... newmomma2008

My little girl Taylor's nicknames are TayTay, Booka Booka, Boo boo, Poopsy(thats her daddy's name for her)

Lyndall Lyndall

I call him bubba and stinker bean

Lelan... LelandsMommy

My baby's name is Kyan (rhymes w/ Ryan)... so we have the obvious, Ky (short for his full name). The other names we use frequently are Peanut, Baby Lovin', Thing 2 (second born), and Sweet Pea... because he looks reminds me of Sweet Pea from Popeye.

My older son has even more names... His name is Leland, and we call him Le for short. Then there is Squishy, Potato, Sweet Potato, Goose, Goose Baby, Pumpkin, Goofy, Big Man... the list goes on and on.

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