What's Your Baby's Nickname?


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My friend Cafe Melisa, who is also CafeMom's awesome Pregnancy Buzz blogger, asked Baby-Mamas-To-Be what names they were considering. I can relate to mommy_bink who said, "I have thought of names since I have been dating my husband. It's fun for me!" I had a list of potential baby names for years ...

And when I actually got married and pregnant, my husband and I spent a lot of time searching for names and figuring out what we wanted to name our baby. Fast-forward to 18 months later. My "precious little pumpkin girl" gets called so many things I'm worried she'll never know what her name is. We call her bugaboo, bug, mama's good girl, sweetie, little sweetie, honey, squeaky, speedy, cutie ... you get the idea, pretty much anything but the name we agonized over. What do you call your precious little person?

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Mommy... Mommy2krysp

Rylee: Rosebud, Karrera: Kare Bear, Spencer: Bubby And Spence.



cheyb... cheybugs08

My baby's name is Cheyenne Danelle, and we call her either Chey Chey or Chey bugs!

UAFwife UAFwife

Little Man, Or Ooogie Boogie, or Jo short for Joseph  or Bug haha!

hear_... hear_no_evil

My son's name is Maximus.  I think we have called him everything in the book. First it was Max the pirate, up til he was about a month old he used to eat  with one eye closed. Schnookums, baby boy, Max D, darling, sweetie,(yeah I call him the same names as I do my hubby, must be easier for me to remember.  Although I have called Phil, Max..... and Max, Phil.) Little Angel, scheister(mom always used to call us kids that, I know it means shit head in german or something like it but it's almost a force of habit, especially when he's trying to get into anything he's not supposed to. And I call him trouble. cuz he is.

Gweny... GwenythsMom

My daughters name is Gwenyth, we call her Gwen. We have a game we call "tickle bug" so I've been calling her Bug

LizMo... LizMomTo4Girls

Aubrie I call Aubs,  Aubsy or BriBri

Amelia I call MeLee or LeeLee

Sasha and Tori.. kinda hard to give them NN's. But it's Sasha Bear and Tori used to be Pumpkin Lips when she was tiny..

kalia... kaliagrace

baby girl

my daughters name is gonna be kalia kahikina grace. im hawaiian and my favorite thing is the "honu" (turtle) so my bf and i started calling kalia our little turtle cuz she is always movin in me and turtle is cute haaha

Borealis Borealis

My girl is Augusta Byrd and we call her Byrdie, along w/ Punkin (which is what my dad still calls me), sweet pea and sweetheart.

myboo... myboogiewoogie

My oldest daughter is Talise- we call her woogie and awoogala , my baby is Mylie and we call her Doodles.  i have no idea why. It just seems to fit.

SugaB28 SugaB28

I've named my lil girl, Kamari, but I call her Tinkerpoo.  My son's name is Tavante, but his nickname is Honeybunn.  It just felt right...and came straight from the heart. 

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