Should Women Who Can't Afford Them Have Babies?


should women who can't afford them have babies octuplets

Should you have to be
rich to have kids?

By now you probably know that Nadya Sulman, the 33-year-old California woman who gave birth to octuplets, is single and unemployed. She lives with her parents, and she underwent fertility treatments to get pregnant. In addition to the eight babies she had last week (and plans to breastfeed), she has six other kids ages 2 to 7. But Sulman has big plans.

She hopes to start a career as a television childcare expert. And according to the Times of London, she's already trying to get two million dollars for television interviews (with Oprah and Diane Sawyer) and commercial endorsements. Her publicist says she's getting offers for book deals, reality shows, magazine interviews, and documentaries. Any money Sulman makes would go toward supporting her kids.

Normally, when someone gives birth to multiples, companies shower them with free giftsdiapers, baby food, even SUVs. But so far this mom isn't getting anything (which means neither are her babies). The news that Sulman is a single mom who had fertility treatments after she already had six kids at home seems to be turning people off.

Without money from interviews and free gifts from corporations, Sulman, who was already feeling crunched financially (she filed for bankruptcy in 2007), will feel it even more with eight little babies—unless of course one of those potentially lucrative deals works out. This prompted lilsugar to ask "Should Women Have Babies When They Can't Afford Them?"

What do you think? Should Sulman have had these babies if she couldn't afford them? Is it a good idea to put her kids on TV or in a documentary to make money to support them?

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Lindalu2 Lindalu2

My parents always said that if they had waited until they could afford to have children they wouldn't have ever had them. ;-)  But seriously, this woman with the 14 kids must have been nuts. She is a single mother with 14 kids! Yikes! She has to have been looking for fame and fortune, attention, freebies,etc. and it is disgusting. The question should also be "Should couples wait until they can afford babies..."  A child deserves a family of two parents. And that's all I have to say on the subject.

heymom heymom


Accidents happen, birth control can fail, but to purposely become pregnant with EIGHT babies for profit is way wrong.

What about the fertility clinic that handled this case? Don't they hold some responsibility in this?

heymom heymom

May I add

If she is a single mother of 6, where did she come up with the money for the in vitro? Was this a scheme devised by others also? Shame,Shame!!

ohbladi ohbladi

How in the world did a bankrupt single unemployed woman find the money for fertility treatments?

And no, I don't think people who can't pay for even the basics of baby- and childcare should try to conceive. Accidents happen. Birth control fails. But to TTC or, worse, go on fertility treatments knowing you can't take care of the kids you already have, much less any new ones, without government aid or handouts is irresponsible and pretty darn stupid.

babyb... babyboomboom

ITA w/ HeyMom.  Accidents happens and BC can fail but to purposly get pregnant when you can't afford it is stupid.  I have a son and I am on state assistance but I didn't plan my son.  He was concived while I was on birth control.  And I sure as hell didn't get fertility treatments to have a kid when I couldn't afford one.  This lady is sick she has 14 kids and wants to exploit them to get free things.

Raini... RainingHeart

I have one.  I can't afford anymore.  The cost of $10 a month for my birth control is bad enough!  I can't imagine having 14.

edwin... edwinasmom

I'm 30.  I wanted kids before this point but I swore I wouldn't get pregnant until I was married, had a home and a steady job to bring the little one into.  I feel that everyone has money troubles from time to time but, there are certain things in life that we ideally should want our children to have... the basics of home, food, and a good family life (whether that's with one parent or two, the home should at least be a safe/loving place to bring a baby into.)  If you are already filing for bankruptcy you probably have major chaos in your life, financial worries and so no, I'm not sure it's a good idea to get pregnant.  I know it's a personal choice but I wish moms would consider how their choices are gonna effect the lives they create BEFORE they create them.

TheDe... TheDeeDub

I spent $60,000 for numerous failed (and one successful) IVF cycles.  I was lucky enough to have stocks to sell in order to pay for it.  I got lucky and am blessed with twins.  I would LOVE another child, but can't afford the high cost of IVF, especially since there's obviously no guarantee that any embryos I have transferred will implant.  So, here I sit, shaking my head at this gal and wonder what Reproductive Endocrinologist, in his or her right mind, would transfer more than one or two embryos into the uterus of a woman who has proven (at least six times before) that she can achieve a pregnancy and carry a child to term.  TOTALLY irresponsible!!!  I sure hope this RE's license is taken away!!!! 

goatmom4 goatmom4

one thing I red was they only implanted   three but they split do to her taking hormones  with one of the other pregnancies     I am praying for the babays   twobabys  are  tough the    little ones  arnt going to get alot of attention when she is needing to change so many diapers       

Jessy... Jessy0419

It has also been cited on MSNBC that all of her children were conceived via IVF and when asked how she could afford it, she was quoted as saying "she was paid to do it".  All the children are from the same sperm donor and the father (the mom's father) has also been quoted as saying they have a large house somewhere and they will be going there.

I think it's awful that her fertility DR implanted so many eggs, but it's also quoted that many of the eggs split; the mother has a set of twins as well. 

I will say that no one should limit how many children a person can have but that person should be able to care for their children w/o relying on government assistance (thinking of the Duggars) or, as it seems in this case, relying/counting on endorsement deals and gifts.

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