Should Women Who Can't Afford Them Have Babies?


should women who can't afford them have babies octuplets

Should you have to be
rich to have kids?

By now you probably know that Nadya Sulman, the 33-year-old California woman who gave birth to octuplets, is single and unemployed. She lives with her parents, and she underwent fertility treatments to get pregnant. In addition to the eight babies she had last week (and plans to breastfeed), she has six other kids ages 2 to 7. But Sulman has big plans.

She hopes to start a career as a television childcare expert. And according to the Times of London, she's already trying to get two million dollars for television interviews (with Oprah and Diane Sawyer) and commercial endorsements. Her publicist says she's getting offers for book deals, reality shows, magazine interviews, and documentaries. Any money Sulman makes would go toward supporting her kids.

Normally, when someone gives birth to multiples, companies shower them with free giftsdiapers, baby food, even SUVs. But so far this mom isn't getting anything (which means neither are her babies). The news that Sulman is a single mom who had fertility treatments after she already had six kids at home seems to be turning people off.

Without money from interviews and free gifts from corporations, Sulman, who was already feeling crunched financially (she filed for bankruptcy in 2007), will feel it even more with eight little babies—unless of course one of those potentially lucrative deals works out. This prompted lilsugar to ask "Should Women Have Babies When They Can't Afford Them?"

What do you think? Should Sulman have had these babies if she couldn't afford them? Is it a good idea to put her kids on TV or in a documentary to make money to support them?

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nonmember avatar Leslie

I think this is a hideous and disgusting mess. I read in an article that this lady had 6 embyos implanted, and two of them ended up being twins. She can go ahead and have her stupid interviews. I just think that anyone who finds this as horrofying as I do, should boycott the television interviews. DO NOT WATCH THEM! If we can make a stand and show that no one wantes to give this lady a dime, than maybe they wont pay her to interview her. Does anyone else think that this is child abuse? Not being able to afford or take care of all of these children should be considered child abuse. She is sick. Im outraged.

nonmember avatar Lottie

where can we send items to HELP THIS MOM AND HER KIDS???? All anyone has done so far is criticize her when help is really needed

FoxyR... FoxyRoxyMommy

The one thing I want to see happen to this woman is the state dept come in and intervene and make sure EVERY one  of her children are taken care of impeccably. Id love nothing more than for them to swoop in and demand she provide for the children she created. If she, herself and noone else, cannot provide then get those babies in a home that can!! If I wanted to pay for programs that support those who are unwilling to support themselves, Id just throw hundreds at crack addicts and say have fun!! For those needing assistance (not handouts) I am HAPPY to support those parents! I hate the fact that she threw mud in the faces of all us other infertile people in the world. IVF was a miracle for my family and yes I financed my baby. Get over it. I can afford to finance it...i dont have 15 grand in my back pocket to burn, meanwhile my eggs are only getting worse by the day. I digress....noone, to include single unemployed moms of 6 should even consider pregnancy if they themselves cannot provide for the children. Condoms break,and sh*t happens...but cmon..that doesnt even compare here.

nonmember avatar julia souza

I hope her children dont grow up to be as selfish as their mom. Who paid for her ugly plastic surgery?

Danie... Danielsmom1966

I have twin boys that are almost 10.  They both have a speech delay, and one has asthma.  I also have a teenage daughter.  Those 3 take so much time and care!  I know for sure that there isn't enough of me to go around to care for 11 more.  My twins were natural, didn't know there were 2 of them until I went for my 1st ulatasound at 5 months.  Luckily they were full term and totally healthy, and yet they kept me so busy many evenings I was in tears!  My heart goes out to those babies, and I pray they receive the best care.  I just don't think it is possible for anyone--even with help--to properly care for 14 children.  Love them yes, to give 100% to 14, no.

asiam... asiamommi

While it is true you will never have enough money to have children, I made damn sure I had an education, career and my own home before I tried to bring a baby into this world.

nonmember avatar Angela

This women is selfish. The reason that I can say this is because she lives at home already with 6 kids in her parents house who I am sure helps her take care of the kids, Because she has no Job. This women when getting pregnant did not think about any of her kids, The 6 she already had or the ones she had inplanted. She will never have time for all of the babies and each baby needs time with mommy for more than a few minutes to be able to bond. And the 6 she already had will have no real time with her aswell. This is a sad case and all of these children deserve better. As a responsible parent you put your childs (ALL) needs before your own. I hate to say this , But the state should/needs to be involved in this, Because if she can not provide a proper home for all of these kids then she should not have them, A 3 bedroom home for all of these people is extremely too small. Also she has no Job, And no money. WE NEED TO STOP BEING SO QUICK WITH THE FERTILITY METHODS AND MEDICATIONS.

tee1 tee1

I think that she had these babies trying to be like the family who has their own reality show with 17 kids thinking maybe she could get her own show and book deal, which she dont have a job or a husband to help her with those kids, it was very selfish of her to have more kids knowing that she couldnt take care of them, mind you her house is in FC where will her in all the kids go........... this is not the day in the times to be having big familys..... but I wish her the best of luck because she is gonna need it.


Jenny Graham

It is quite difficult to nourish 14 childrens without employment.The lady really had courage

because of this she have done this.It is really a interesting story you are telling us.Thanks!

personol bankruptcy

nonmember avatar joe bob

Hell no. If you can not afford your children, don't have them. If you do then you should watch them starve. I feel if anyone family has more than 3, they should be ban from ANY tax breaks, child care credits, earned income credits, welfare (food stamps included) and any other government assistance. What are people thinking? How can anyone possible afford to feed, cloth and support more than 3? Forget any college. If you can afford more and do so, more power to you. But the rest of the world should not be expected to pay in anyway. I am not refering to most of us. 1,2 maybe 3 ok. I think everyone should have a couple. Kids are a lot of fun bit come on.

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