Should Women Who Can't Afford Them Have Babies?


should women who can't afford them have babies octuplets

Should you have to be
rich to have kids?

By now you probably know that Nadya Sulman, the 33-year-old California woman who gave birth to octuplets, is single and unemployed. She lives with her parents, and she underwent fertility treatments to get pregnant. In addition to the eight babies she had last week (and plans to breastfeed), she has six other kids ages 2 to 7. But Sulman has big plans.

She hopes to start a career as a television childcare expert. And according to the Times of London, she's already trying to get two million dollars for television interviews (with Oprah and Diane Sawyer) and commercial endorsements. Her publicist says she's getting offers for book deals, reality shows, magazine interviews, and documentaries. Any money Sulman makes would go toward supporting her kids.

Normally, when someone gives birth to multiples, companies shower them with free giftsdiapers, baby food, even SUVs. But so far this mom isn't getting anything (which means neither are her babies). The news that Sulman is a single mom who had fertility treatments after she already had six kids at home seems to be turning people off.

Without money from interviews and free gifts from corporations, Sulman, who was already feeling crunched financially (she filed for bankruptcy in 2007), will feel it even more with eight little babies—unless of course one of those potentially lucrative deals works out. This prompted lilsugar to ask "Should Women Have Babies When They Can't Afford Them?"

What do you think? Should Sulman have had these babies if she couldn't afford them? Is it a good idea to put her kids on TV or in a documentary to make money to support them?

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Novem... NovemberLove

I don't think there should be a set limit on any one's reproductive rights based on any circumstance (i.e. how much money they have).  I do, however, wish people were responsible enough to take proper precautions to not have children that they cannot provide for.  There's a difference between times being tight and absolutely having nothing to put on your baby's back.  What she did was so inconsiderate because her parents support her and her children already.  Now they're supporting FIFTEEN children (this woman included).  Did they get to have a say in this?  She could have died, those babies could have died and her other little ones could have been left without a mother.  What she did was honestly quite selfish. Her mother stated she has an obsession with babies; how can she be a proper mother if she can't put her own obsessions aside to do what's right for the kids she already has?  IVF is super-expensive.   How the are you affording IVF if you're declaring to the credit bureaus that you have no money to pay back your debts?!   I really don't think she's entitled to anything.  It's a shame for the kids but when you do something wrong, it doesn't just affect you.  Something this mother honestly seems to know nothing about.

Novem... NovemberLove

<-----Does NOT live beyond her means by any stretch of the imagination.  It's also judgemental to assume that anyone impacted by the current economy must have been living beyond their means.

I tire of people suggesting that others not discuss current events.  Whether this woman likes it or not, she made history and people are going to discuss it.  She wants people like me to donate to her...she just made it my business.  She wants people like me to watch her on Oprah (if she goes on) she again made it my business.  Any assistance she receives, also my business.  I'm a tax-paying citizen.  The ethical direction the medical community seemed to take with this woman (i.e. releasing double the amount of embryos and putting her life at risk), that's EVERY ONE'S business.  Should I go on?  If you don't like topics discussing her, don't click on them.  I'll say like I always do:  it's like banging your own head into the wall whilst complaining that it hurts.

nonmember avatar Angel's wings

Absolutely not!! I agree with other's comments on how she already had IVF for her other 6 children and single and unemployed, we tax payers are already supporting her I'm sure, And she is trying to get millions for deals, are u kidding me!! Is there not a law out there that states if u had already received IVFs and successed with more than one child then, u can not do this again to have more than u can handle!!

risas... risas11722

I think this woman is rediculous and in the end I feel really bad for those kids.  Why in the world would someone with no job, no spouse, living at home with thier parents and 6 kids want to have more kids?  Also, how did she pay for the fertility treaments?  And what kind of doctor would willinginly do firtility treaments on a woman in her situation?  This is why I feel people should be screened for these things.  People get psych evaluations for sex changes, why shouldn't they get one for fertility treatments?

madam... madamekatekate

I think she made a very irresponsible decision for herself and her family---her poor parents included.

I understand wanting more children, I do, but at what cost?

She wants to be a what? A 'television childcare expert' ?? Oh my! You make me laugh! From everything I've heard she is nothing near an "expert" on childcare.

I hope she's happy with the money from this---She'll need it with 14 children.

I don't really care how many she has but she's made a complete mockery of women who take fertility treatments in the hopes for just one child, women who have been told they will not ever have children naturally. And now she seems to expect all this help and free stuff? Life doesn't work that way, honey.

Lovem... Lovemybabies885

I know taht the duggars make it seem ok, but my ex husband was one of 19 children. Their parents needed no assistance financially but he had a terrible upbringing. Children need closer attention than that. When there are that many kids everything is spread too thin. I don't even agree with the Duggars...Those wonderful poster people for taking on more than people can handle. I just don't think it is a good idea...This woman's plan probably would have worked if people weren't so snoopy these days...She would have been sitting pretty...New house, new cars, all the babies clothes and supplies paid for with enough left over for mama too...But she got caught turning herself into a baby machine...Oh and whether the eggs split or not doesn't matter in my eyes...either way that means that 4 were implanted. Accidents happen...Believe me I know. But this was no accident...I think there were 7 embryos placed and one egg split making baby eight. The doc is trying to save his license or she is trying to save it for them.

LoriW LoriW

I used to say if I waited until I had plenty of money I would never have them; I'm glad I didn't wait. They've always had everything they need, and then some.

BJLakso BJLakso


j0shs... j0shsmommie1

I think everyone should leave her alone. Why do people care if shes living off freebies or wanting a deal or even if shes living off the government? Bush sent millions of dollars to fight a war & Obama is sending millions of dollars overseas to KILL BABIES. Why shouldnt an American get some of that money to help her babies LIVE? Im sick of hearing 'my taxes' well the majority get their TAXES back at the end of the year & then some!! When she goes to the store she pays sales taxes so shes paying taxes herself! GET OVER IT!!!!!

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