Should Women Who Can't Afford Them Have Babies?


should women who can't afford them have babies octuplets

Should you have to be
rich to have kids?

By now you probably know that Nadya Sulman, the 33-year-old California woman who gave birth to octuplets, is single and unemployed. She lives with her parents, and she underwent fertility treatments to get pregnant. In addition to the eight babies she had last week (and plans to breastfeed), she has six other kids ages 2 to 7. But Sulman has big plans.

She hopes to start a career as a television childcare expert. And according to the Times of London, she's already trying to get two million dollars for television interviews (with Oprah and Diane Sawyer) and commercial endorsements. Her publicist says she's getting offers for book deals, reality shows, magazine interviews, and documentaries. Any money Sulman makes would go toward supporting her kids.

Normally, when someone gives birth to multiples, companies shower them with free giftsdiapers, baby food, even SUVs. But so far this mom isn't getting anything (which means neither are her babies). The news that Sulman is a single mom who had fertility treatments after she already had six kids at home seems to be turning people off.

Without money from interviews and free gifts from corporations, Sulman, who was already feeling crunched financially (she filed for bankruptcy in 2007), will feel it even more with eight little babies—unless of course one of those potentially lucrative deals works out. This prompted lilsugar to ask "Should Women Have Babies When They Can't Afford Them?"

What do you think? Should Sulman have had these babies if she couldn't afford them? Is it a good idea to put her kids on TV or in a documentary to make money to support them?

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momto... momtoonecuteboy

You don't have to be rich to have kids. That said if you cannot meet your own basic needs why would someone knowingly get pregnant.  Accidents happen but to plan it seems very selfish.  I did wait till we could afford it.  We were 30.  I am so glad we waited we worked hard and saved so I could be home.  We are planning our next one now and hopefully this time next year at the old age of 37 I will  have a new baby.  I have energy and time to enjoy my child.  I run daily and work out daily so it is not the worst thing to wait. 

StarM... StarMommy77

You reap what you sow..

Something is not right here with this woman and her concocted story.. I think she has angered many families who are infertile.. I don't think she should be rewarded for having 14 kids at 33 uyrs old, NO JOB, NO partner ect... She needs intensive therapy not a van...

Her mother was quoted as saying she is going to leave once the Oc-Mom comes home.. 14 kids under the age of 7 are you f*^@ing kidding me?

Who allowed this to happen? If she used Insurance .. I would sue her for the costs... Talk about irresponsible.. Guess this lady's money ship didn't come in after all.

Loba Loba

This is a very complex story. Everone has been so quick to judge; i feel like the country has turned into the annoying neighbor wispering this and thats about the people next door.(-"I heard that, they said that")

  To answer the question- being that we have all been living beyond our means for the last decade...

hipgr... hipgranny

Hmm,we want another;think she'l let us have one? And no,we can't really afford it..can neone in this day and age?

swnks... swnkstr_ars4lif

there are people out there who spend basically almost their every waking moment greiving because they are not able to have children.  It is the one, single, only thing they really want in the world and they can't have it.  These people are who go to try fertility treatments.  If a woman already has 6 children, she obviously is able to get pregnant, which makes it reasonable to wonder if the choice of fertility treatments was spcifically for the purpose of getting pregnant with multiples. If this women went that route, just so she WOULD concieve multiples, it makes you wonder, why she would try so hard to get multiples if not for the ......benefits.  And in the interest of the lives of these children, yes , I think that is the single, most selfish thing a "parent" could do.

heath... heatherann0221

She purposely had the dr put that many embryos in her and it's sickening to me that she's trying to get money by having that many children. I hope no one gives her a tv deal, or donates anythig to her.

A.Bee... A.Beeversmom

no way!! she shouln't have!!!!I mena i do not believe in abortion ...however she didn't accidently get pregnant!!!so she could have just not gone and gotten it done!Gosh i feel sorry for those poor kids...and the babies!!Oh my gosh how could she do that to those poor children!!!

ozark... ozarkgirl3

While i don't think what this woman did is morally ethical (because she will rely on public assistance), i do think that we have to keep in mind that this is the land of freedom. We may not agree with her choice (and we do have a right to be upset if we are supporting her and the kids) but I'd rather live in a country where this kind of thing happens as opposed to a country where I need a license to have more than 1 kid!

mom2b... mom2boys1329

In a sense I do feel it was irresposible for her to get invitro when u have no job etc... But who sets the standard for how much u can afford kids? My husband makes ok money but to someone else it may not ever be enough...She will find a way...god takes care of those who ask...and I have seen many people who have tons and have none and still suck as dosent determine weither u will be a good or bad parent...but shame on her if it was for money...Jon and Kate were both out of work when they had their 6...who is anyone to judge!

niche... nichellybelle

How did she get the money for it in the first place. I don't understand how she thought this would work out for her. It's really sad for her and her babies but she was the one who wasn't smart enough to think that 14 babies would be a financial burden and beside the money a little rough to raise by herself. I understand that sometimes pregnancies happen and you aren't always in a place that is exactly financially ideal but to purposfully conceive when you can barely take care of yourself is obsurd. this lady is rediculous. I hope things do work out for her for her babies sake.

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