Should Women Who Can't Afford Them Have Babies?


should women who can't afford them have babies octuplets

Should you have to be
rich to have kids?

By now you probably know that Nadya Sulman, the 33-year-old California woman who gave birth to octuplets, is single and unemployed. She lives with her parents, and she underwent fertility treatments to get pregnant. In addition to the eight babies she had last week (and plans to breastfeed), she has six other kids ages 2 to 7. But Sulman has big plans.

She hopes to start a career as a television childcare expert. And according to the Times of London, she's already trying to get two million dollars for television interviews (with Oprah and Diane Sawyer) and commercial endorsements. Her publicist says she's getting offers for book deals, reality shows, magazine interviews, and documentaries. Any money Sulman makes would go toward supporting her kids.

Normally, when someone gives birth to multiples, companies shower them with free gifts—diapers, baby food, even SUVs. But so far this mom isn't getting anything (which means neither are her babies). The news that Sulman is a single mom who had fertility treatments after she already had six kids at home seems to be turning people off.

Without money from interviews and free gifts from corporations, Sulman, who was already feeling crunched financially (she filed for bankruptcy in 2007), will feel it even more with eight little babies—unless of course one of those potentially lucrative deals works out. This prompted lilsugar to ask "Should Women Have Babies When They Can't Afford Them?"

What do you think? Should Sulman have had these babies if she couldn't afford them? Is it a good idea to put her kids on TV or in a documentary to make money to support them?

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heymom heymom


 she already had 6 kids that she couldn't take care of, what the H*#$ business does she have even impalting one? Plus, she had to have help having the others also, What is wrong with this woman?


2girl... 2girlsMom.MN

Noone is ever financially ready for children exactly... Most of us make sacrifices and have children anyways but we don't demand or expect companies and tv interviews and for the rest of the country to shower us with attention and gifts.

I think this woman with 6 kids + Octuplets is NUTS and whatever doctor helped her get pregnant is NUTS.

kcmour kcmour

I don't know if this woman is on welfare or not, but I don't think that people on welfare should be trying to have more children.  If you can not afford to feed, diaper, & cloth the children you have, you should not expect others to foot the bill for you. 

So to answer the, women who can not afford more children should not have them.


adopt... adoptionsc

My opinion is that in this case, you have a woman who already is trying to raise 6 kids on her own.  That's difficult for a two parent home, much less for a single mom, in giving each child the time and attention that they need.  And the financial support so that they are not going without the important things.  Add to that 8 more, and you just have irresponsibility.  Whether or not her parents are there to help, the facts are that she has more children than she can physically and financially support and has them by choice.  She should be ashamed.

kaufm... kaufmt0220

It is really sad that there are great people who want children but can't afford fertility treatments. then there is this nut that already has six children! i hate to see these children suffer because of this womans psychosis but she shouldn't be rewarded for her decision. good forbid some other nuts get the same kind of get rich ideals from this.

Gemmi280 Gemmi280

i agree completely with Jessy0419....also her info is true and accurate...i worry about all of those kids because one of the older ones is in the world is she ever going to give all those children the attention they need by's sad that she is already seeking fame, and handouts...that's not a reason to have kids!


stres... stressesdmom41

invitro costs thousands of dollars,something doesnt seem right here and how many people can afford 14 kids

Gemmi280 Gemmi280

oh, i also think that she should look into adopting some or all of those babies to women/couples who cannot conceive but desperately want a baby to shower with all the love and attention it needs, that would be one responsible thing she could do...but not sure i see that happening if she truly did this just for money and fame...

wanta... wantabetrue

of course, babies aren't made from money, GOD will make a way, he does all the time

lovem... lovemybabys1106

Well from what I understand she did not want the embryos from her last round of invitro destroyed. And that I fully understand. I can also understand her desier to have a large family. But she should have waited until she could afford more before going through with the invitro. Honestly though it does not effect you or me. either way we would still be paying taxes to support those who cant support them selves so whats one more family. It does not bother me at all

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